Past Romance Resume

Past Romance Resume


July 16, 2013
Most things are made to be broken. Tears, heartache, anger, frustration, sadness, feelings of failure, etc., often are inherent in most romance relationships that at some point affix themselves to being a ‘relation-shit’. Few want the other to see who they’ve really become, and are like inside in all respects plus or minus. What your past relationship experiences were (beginning with parents), in all but rare cases, will follow you into every current and future relationships. The past is like a shadow that jumps into a relationship and becomes real, and in a since ‘viral’ throughout the connection.

In all outside endeavors, previous experience and quality, or lack there of, is the primary indicator of future performance. What makes life unpredictable, however is the rare exception who for one reason or another had a bumpy experience in what it is they now seek to make another ‘try at’. It might be from inexperience or the wrong conditions to fully express ones potential. In one on one love relationships, very few reach the peaks of enduring harmony, joy and bliss that they imagine one can have.

That magical space of fully enjoying yourself and another, at least equally, is from my experience, very obtainable! The common denominator in relationships, is for both bringing in ‘luggage’ from the past, as well as a lack of total openness to do what it takes to rise into a ‘soul mating’. Once in millions of connections, it happens naturally with no effort, but inner work of both can make that ‘natural’ state happen. The complete merger of two people is a spiritual path like yoga or meditation, in fact it is both but the ‘love path’ is in need of both ‘giver and receiver’ in harmony.

‘’The fragmented, unhealthy, unconscious, grasping models of being in togetherness are falling apart before our very own eyes—they just don’t work anymore.’’ It’s time to be open, in the heart, and with mutual communication. It’s time to heal if necessary, and move forward, upward, and onward to the outer and inner infinite divine spaces that are open and waiting. Time to let go of the past barriers and move into a more conscious, whole, uplifting, evolving, authentic way of rising in love together.
No love wants to sleep and play through life with someone’s attached negative memories. Let them go, stand free and tall above them where love is met with open arms. If you’re ready and the other resists endlessly, it’s time to lovingly move on. The spiritual experience of life times awaits you this life time, and the love inside you is the key!

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