Septic Tank Brain

Sceptic Tank Brain
July 12, 2013
Foggy days, foggy nights, or a foggy mind might be a better circumstance than a backed up ‘septic tank like brain’ compilation of unregurgitated memories of troubled yesterdays. Everyone needs a shot of love, or better yet, an infiltration of love that leaves the heart and mind filled with sustaining positive energy. Billions are ‘broken spirits’ or ‘broken wing’ sufferers, and yet there are more positive answers today than ever before. Broken spirits usually marry each other, then continue the endless chain from ancient relatives who never had the chances we have today to rebuild.

People tend to seal their fate early on in life with little energy to change. There is a term for marijuana users to describe those that overindulge called ‘stoners’, or for those in that space, ‘stoned’. Stoned is to be incapacitated to rationally think. Most people are ‘stoned’ without imbibing marijuana into a condition of a stone having no change occur within as life goes on. Smoking, excessive drinking, drugs, too many pharmaceuticals, drunkenness on imaginations of religion’s assertions, fears, erroneous judgements, and so much more to add to the ‘septic tank’s swirling, babbling discombobulations.

With exploding new and newer technology being introduced faster than we can think on how to operate it, or see it’s implications, the mind needs to find some solace in the loving heart. Minds are being ‘dumbed down’ as humans spend precious time creating a greater ‘sewer’ in the brain to coagulate with what’s already messing up any clarity.

An interviewer once asked Ernest Hemingway, “Isn’t there any one essential ingredient you can identify which makes a great writer?” Hemingway replied, “Yes, there is. In order to be a great writer, A PERSON MUST HAVE A BUILT-IN SHOCK-PROOF, CRAP DETECTOR.”

A really intelligent person is a ‘crap detector’, and sees it immediately while also not speaking it.
Human consciousness is a septic tank of the veneration of crap. Ninety nine percent of ‘beliefs’ are anti-human and anti-life yet people go on believing these ignorant, primitive, irrelevant lies.
Human consciousness has been stuck in the quicksand of time’s accumulation of nonsense. Self education is necessary to ‘reverse the pump’ to clean the brain, as well as open the heart. Find love with existence, and deeply. Without the sensitivities of the heart through art, poetry, music, and the experience of love and compassion for another, the mind is nothing but a vacuum that is never emptied. Let go of all but the positive.

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