Life is a Bootcamp

Life is a Bootcamp

July 10, 2013
Every soldier goes through a rigorous physical and mental training to enhance their mission in life as a programmed potential assassin, and a defender of a leader who is programmed to defend those who control him while feigning to also protect those who pay through taxes to support the soldier who supports the leader, who supports the ‘money controllers’, who need the support of the masses. But, hopefully each person gives the ownership of themselves for safekeeping only to their higher self.

A ‘bootcamp’ is a somewhat derogatory expression of having to learn to meet life’s challenges which might be like a bootcamp. Most everything in life has it’s learning curve to reach an imagined goal. Getting stuck in a ‘bootcamp learning experience’ which is always hitting a ‘wall’ for no further advancements is like a hamster in a cage going no where but round and round, and in real human life that involves falling down only to start the endless circle of going and learning nothing and nowhere. The creative mind is the restless mind always looking for new and better ways, while never getting stuck in a perceived better way that ‘truth be told’ feels less than what you’d really want.

There comes a time when it’s the right time to give the ‘bootcamp’ the boot while seeking better ways. Intentional suffering can be a spiritual journey but certainly not when it’s the same ole same ole. Marriage for most is a bootcamp that reduces itself to a survival mode between the two partners while creating the same negative mistakes over and over creating a perpetual bootcamp. In fact, it often reaches a point where 2 people just accept each others annoyances with no effort given to ‘stopping’, and then seeking a step by step rising above their dilemmas.

Life is what you make it with what you have to work with. No one reasonably conscious needs to settle into an entrapment. Rising to higher levels of seeing beyond an endless bootcamp that has even lost all energy requires simple suggestions. First of all have the intent to move up, then imagine yourself already there. See where that is, and begin doing something toward the intent. Open the heart, and let go or detach from obstacles within. Real bootcamp can be as bad as a ‘root canal’ with no anesthetics everyday for the 2 or 3 months that it lasts. Pain avoidance, while looking for positive answers to all learning experiences, is an enlightening way of the conscious. Life is your blessing to find and hold on to while being a blessing to others. Start a ‘chain reaction’ of love and compassion! The future is waiting for you to live in it with more joy and blessings!

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