Religion a Knockoff of ‘Religio’

Religion a Knockoff of ‘Religio’

July 3, 2013
Religion is a blowjob compared to ‘religio’. Religion is a superficial extraction of religio to captivate the mob.  Religion is taken from the Latin ‘religio’ which means to bind or bond into one. What has happened with religion is divisivness beyond imagination dating from medieval times, and multiplying exponentially as more and more see it as an easy career to sell ancient thoughts that have sound bytes or truth mixed with pure ugliness particularly against women. Religion salesmen, who go by different names depending on the religion, should be ashamed of themselves knowing well enough that they could do much more good making themselves spiritual examples without parroting words that may well have had entirely different meanings during a primitive time when they were written, and in a language foreign to 99% of the language spoken by todays human.

Religio means you are whole as you are, nothing needs to be cut or destroyed. Each person is different and needs to just naturally arise to the highest aspects of each part of themselves to obtain a godliness. No map or scripture is necessary or even complete for anyone to rise in consciousness to their highest self. Nothing has to be destroyed, just risen through awareness coupled with a sense of inner feeling of love.

You need to become a ‘symphony’  and not an orchestra of every instrument playing whatever it wants to with no harmony of all the parts. Nature is the ‘master conductor’ when you accept all aspects of yourself, and grow them to a high crescendo of harmony. It is an individual process with no need to be part of a group directed by words that are often out of tune with each ones needs.

Religio means to put all your separate parts into a oneness, making a union out of chaos. Religion puts people into boxes where freedoms are met with ‘do this and don’t do that’ for the masses creating a false union that creates disharmony in each, thus in the whole. Religions are a conspiracy of the mind that troubles both the mind and heart. Religio has all the meanings that are needed. No need for scriptures and doctrines except the challenge to see that you are alive, and infinite love is within. All that is needed is the courage to jump into the search for who you are!

There was a story of a man going to the river because he was thirsty. A dog followed him. The dog looked into the river, and saw another dog there ….his own image … and he became afraid, barking and running away, but he was thirsty so much that he came back. Finally, inspite of his fear, he just jumped into the water, and the image disappeared. The message is, one has to jump in spite of all fears. Enlightenment comes with the courage to always jump into the unknown and with eyes wide open.

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