Bottom Line Love

Bottom Line Love

June 27, 2013
Escaping love seems to be a common past time! A question arises. How deep will your love go for those you have or do claim to love? Saying you don’t love someone anymore is indicative of a love whose ‘bottom line’ was at a shallow point. If indeed you love deeply enough, there is no bottom line at which love loses its potency or disappears. Too often among couples, particularly, love is a beginning infatuation, and if enduring, an infrequent occurring infatuation, or a tactful obligation to avoid repercussions from the receiver.

Love is self perpetuating. Love is like flowers. You have to give for it to bloom. You can’t lock away love like you can gold. It needs the participation of the heart and awareness to constantly be in bloom. When the love reaches a certain depth, it’s always there waiting to give and receive. The bottom line expands as you open your heart with no expectation that you are attached to. The mind hoards and calculates, the heart is creative and flexible, and cannot be hoarded.

Love is alchemical. Love is a magic secret that changes things into the equivalent of gold only in the form of gratefulness and all the deeper qualities of inner life blossoming in its receiving while giving back responses of beauty, joy, and more love. The mind is a miser always looking to give less from the heart, but hoping to get what’s desired. Frustration is then bound to come in the mind. Awareness always looks for love to find a way. Love converts the negative into an alchemical happening that’s an expression of positivity and the divine.

Don’t love a friend like a flower because a flower dies in blossom. Love them like a river because a river flows forever! Love may also encompass agony, when it is filled with self disrespect, or some forms of hatred. Love expressed with hatred perpetuates the hatred always rivaling love back and forth. The condition of most is to hang in the middle between the positive and negative, or some forms of love and self hatred. You are left not going totally in either way. No one can escape love, but only unconsciously find ways to avoid it. It makes sense to continually move in the direction of nature’s flow into love.

Living in ‘love fantasies’ is to straddle the middle between love and hate. Living in less love than you have to give is living in a type of fantasy, and is a ‘trap of love’ where you can’t pull yourself out of the ‘bottomless pit’ of ‘straddling’. Total love is found with another being who becomes like a god or divineness to you. Misery and unfulfillment masquerade as love. Drop all that is not love from love! One in total love is in that space with infinite others who are also in a total self love. Always be letting go, and love will find you!

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