Anger Can be Beautiful

Anger Can Be Beautiful

June 20, 2013
Anger is an emotion that can be steered by your awareness. All anger is not bad, but sometimes fruitful for even greater awareness. Repressed anger with no conversion to a higher awareness can certainly be harmful, and even create an anger where the perpetrator loses sight of consequences that will be ‘boomeranging’. Measuring your anger with empathy and compassion for the recipient is the right use of common sense or a higher wisdom. Choosing to never be angry is merely an ego trip that for its beauty is also accumulatively harmful to the overall health of those practicing a dangerous ‘yogic’ technique.

Anger, while ‘watching’ the display, certainly can be an opening of dimensions of awareness heretofore asleep, and possibly resulting phenomenon never before seen or experienced. Anger can be a breakout from old habits that slowly produced fewer and fewer results that met what you perceived in your imagination. Anger can be a ‘hail marry’ explosion at frustrations that accumulate beyond perceived common sense. Anger can clear the ‘inner pipes’ of being stuck and going no where. Freedom from holding on to that which you need to let go of can be exhilarating and life changing.

Anger can result in moving in the wrong direction with life changing results. Certainly there are couples or people in different walks of life that lost the mutual friendship which had many building blocks prior to things going wrong. They can have a ‘lifetime breakup’ often leaving internal damage that may not be recovered from.

Anger can be ‘blowing off steam’, but might well be best in doing that with some form of vigorous physical exercise. Anger not from the conscious, discerning mind is often misjudged as well as misplaced even to the point of needing to see the finger pointed at yourself. Stress can elicit anger where none need be, and ironically creating more anger. Anger can be self perpetuating. Watching yourself when anger arises is instructive in better channeling future outbursts. Rare anger in a ‘free feeling, healthy being’ from consciousness can be a beautiful expression from the heart and healthy for the giver and receiver.

Channel anger for good results. Emotional stability is the ability to have the free will to choose where an emotion goes, and especially as a choice to the highest consciousness to oneself and any concerned. There, anger is ok! See anothers anger from your heart, and send out any rare anger from your heart of awareness!

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