Chip on You!

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Chip on You!

June 14, 2013

“If you throw a frog into very hot water, the frog will jump out, but if you put the frog in room temperature water and just slowly heat the water up, the frog will die there.” The vast majority of Americans are in that slowly heating water as technology used by the government and greedy forces are turning the heat up. Now the government is like a God with the snooping into all things about us on ‘social media’ forums, phones, financial records, medical records, spy cams on buses, drones and drone attacks, and whatever meets the fears conjured up, and to explode the fears bigger than they really are.

Seems like government is shitting on the people, who are allowing it, and are unconsciously labeling themselves as sheeple. Is it apathy gone mad!? Kinda like ‘self defecating, and self flushing down the ‘toilet of apathy and ignorance’. Life up ‘til now was one, primarily for all but the few, of survival and hardship. Now it’s please the pleasure nodes while pumping up more and more pleasure as if life has no end! Distractions are everywhere as people make a living so they can be distracted from their real selves as well as from contributing to the betterment of the world. This is a time, for most, of living in a ‘winning of life’s lottery’ compared to what came before.

Before everyone has a micro chip, that allows a very self serving world government to arise, it’s now time for a ‘polar shift’ in thinking and being. Time to ‘surf’ the inner internet and google yourself down deep bypassing who you and others think you are to find the real you! Look around and see who is controlling you! Sadly, false comfort makes you sleepy and not awake. Start with religions and politicians, but the purpose is again to put you in consciousness back at your control center!

Sadly, the masses have yet to realize that this is a new world requiring the majority to seek their own awakening as the heat turns up to put you into the shackles of sleep. No longer is it enough for anyone to push life away for some delusional heaven. Religions, in particular, put their adherents into a trance of firm belief that their unwavering faith will send chariots to bring them to eternal life in a far away heaven so as not to worry about the rising temperature of the water. Life continues after the death of the body in a far different way than all but a few conjure up. Your awareness and deep love is the best chariot to guide you into the unknown adventures.

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