Religions are Dead

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Religions are Dead

The Last Supper 7 Deadly Sins

June 11, 2013
The ghost of ancient man still harbors within the reincarnated controllers of mens minds, creating the subjugation of the spirit of free expression. Friedrich Nietzsche, the famous German philosopher of the 19th century said, ‘After coming into contact with a man of religion, I always feel I must wash my hands.‘ However, Nietzsche is most famous for his declaration that God is dead. Unfortunately, the deception of perception is alive, and proselytizing around the globe for those who let their thinking be done by ancient man.

Nietzsche was wrong on God being dead except for the living cadavers who still mindlessly worship that which has no definition, and is called God. The churches are sliding into moral irrelevance by not taking a stand on that which they are condemned for, AND not open to seeing ways as a better way off living beyond ancient, unverifiable stories. The spirit of ‘beliefs’ need not have billions stuck in a quicksand of souls locked into an inflexible march to nowhere! I heard a story of a man dying who dressed himself in an hawaiian shirt, shorts, and a lei of flowers. Someone asked him why? His answer was, he was going to be ready for the paradise in heaven.

The heaven is within that manifests as ‘self love’ and consciousness. It is not important where you go. The imagination can absorb any ideas that placate the mind from the conjured up fears of eternal ending. God is a word to describe something beyond description to mollify the fearful, chattering, restless minds of those that feed from the troughs of the snake oil salesmen of religion. The ‘inner’ doesn’t need to be trained like a dog from those that went to a ‘religion factory’ on what to do, and say to the ‘flock’.

Let the voice of love, awareness, common sense, and discernment in the stillness of the mind be your guide. All holy books are what in todays language, can be called ‘hardware’. Have the courage to move into the inner world of you where the source of life and love rests awaiting your activation. Listen to the ‘software’, inner voice of godliness. Trust the inner voice where by and by you will be led in positive directions no longer needing the voice of confusing language but the whispering of the ‘divineness’ in you!

A friend wrote today:
Successful life on Earth and the saving of the planet are going to take all we’ve got…in other words it’s going to be a TEAM EFFORT!!! We can no longer afford illusions of exclusivity, tunnel vision, or benching players because of gender bigotry!
Ladies, girls, if you must engage in worship (giving power to something outside of yourself…bad idea) then at least demand that every time the SOURCE is referred to as male it MUST be referred to as female!! If this is not agreed to, then get up and walk OUT!!!! You will then see that the belief systems depend on you ,you are the host,they are the parasite: they need us ,WE DO NOT NEED THEM!!!!!!!! KNOW YOURSELF as the powerful magician that you are and watch them disappear!!
The Kingdom of GOD is WITHIN YOU.
Chris Regan

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