Sex Cancels Religion

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Sex Cancels Religion

Sex Cancels Religion

There are many things that draw people to religion as well as many reasons that cancel interest. No one goes into a religion for sex, or goes into sex in hopes of finding a religion. Religion is ‘luke warm’ on sex other than for procreation, plus the unspoken hope that it doesn’t interfere with belonging to a particular religion group. Religions are ready made with their ‘do’s and don’t’ to reserve the right to enter a higher plateau as you vacate the body (called ‘after you die’). Few ‘directors’ of a ‘group’ in any religion know about the ‘secret’ that causes all people of a religion to lose interest or the need to follow any religion.

It may seem absurd to think that sex cancels religion, however it could. Religions tend to be accepting of monogamous, mutual interest sex. We are globally, slowly emerging out of the dark ages in terms of the ‘loving use of sex’ in a way that deepens the bond between two people. Sex can be what many would call a very enjoyable experience for both people simultaneously. However few know that sex can open an internal phenomenon that is a catalyst for higher, rarified air consciousness.

The deepening of positive emotions will change one from seeing things through dark glasses to one who sees and feels with a clarity, in a way, that is always filled with affirmative perceptivity. Water boils and emits steam at around 212º Fahrenheit. Until then it may get hot but remain unchanged. A very deep mutual love that is consummated through ‘love making’ can reach a point where each reaches the mysterious point of a ‘rarified’, pure like consciousness much like water only boiling at a certain temperature. A new, never before experienced state silently changes the very inner being forever.

This phenomenon could be called a transmission of an enlightening, godly spirit where one enters a path freeing you of all attachments to human mass ways of thinking and being. I refer to it as ‘lovinlightened’. Coming to what falsely appears to this state through just mental acumen is possible, but it leaves the inner love incomplete. The ‘spirit’ that activates the ‘inner love’ permanently comes only in a total let go, and that includes attachments to the past.

Many are deluded into thinking that meditation or love making automatically allows them to rise to this state. Regardless of reaching more than a glimpse of that ‘boiling point’, they are stuck in their ego. Refining the spirit comes beyond the establishment that sells spirits, be it an alcohol bar or a house of religion! Life has many mysteries! Follow your heart and consciousness into the higher realms that open into a celestial awareness beyond mental comprehension.

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