Fresh Factory Cage Chickens

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Fresh Factory Cage Chickens

June 1, 2013
Advertising is often to put a spin on the truth for the gullible. ‘Fresh Farm Chickens’ is as bogus as ‘diet this or that’, or ‘lite’ products. It’s all to bring in money from the gullible. When capitalism meets food plus improving technology, the masses are put under ‘illusion attack’! Illusion sells! We have entered the time in life where every inventor of anything is looking for a market to make money. Hiring ‘illusion experts’ called ‘advertising experts’, assures a hefty return on investment. Truth doesn’t often sell, ie., ‘caged factory chickens’! Don’t question the human recipient’s short or long term suffering or death possibilities, and all seems ok.

Now we have technological devices in the sky to kill, called drones. Often to kill the target, other innocents must meet sudden death from somewhere in the sky. Hopefully, there will be an international agreement to ban all use that kills the innocent.

Cigarettes get no ‘health promotion’ so it’s not always advertising, in fact cigarettes need none as billions are sold here in the US, not to mention the trillions to other countries. Some cigarette companies are part of a corporation that sells pharmaceutical products to cure the effects or as a substitute. Round and round the spin goes to confuse the majority into supporting their lack of discernment.

I read the information on a pack of bread crumbs in the ‘stupid market’ the other day with the information that it comes from a foreign country which is known to have low standards standards of food preparation. If it looks good – buy it, especially if it’s cheaper! The government doesn’t even need to microchip the masses for control. Perhaps one of the single most important aspect of a conscious, more spiritual path is to move out of ‘mass consciousness’. The company you keep, including what you eat, defines you! Most are victims or ‘sheeple of mass mind control’ just by leaving out ‘awareness and discernment’.

Be the Master of your own life rather than be the sheep that follows the flow into other people agendas. Make the best decision for everything. Pure and Simple! Don’t be a ‘chicken’, always doing and buying without inner discernment. 100% Natural juice means 100% of 10% natural juice. Semantics create an illusion that the non thinker buys into! Why fall into the trap of others agendas that don’t serve you as well as other options?! Stick with ‘authenticity’ – it’s called ‘TRUTH’!

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