Civilizing the Male

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Civilizing the Male


May 24, 2013
There have been no civilizations on Earth dominated by males! There have been no civilizations on Earth with a female influence other than ‘capitulation’ to male dominance. I read the other day a list of the ten top civilizations. Among them were the Spartans, Romans, Nazi’s, Aztecs, Apache’s, Soviet Union, etc. All should have been regarded as examples of male thuggery, and lower civilizations or ‘gangs’, cults, or mostly disorganized chaos! All purported civilizations that seemed to have lasted a few short years, were either misnomers or more that likely ‘wore a mask of deception’ waiting to implode, and eliminate any such perspective.

Conscious males have high standards of outer and inner conduct of being. They are not just of a higher intellect to dominate all others, but combine the heart energy with an open, sensitive mind and being in all matters with the welfare of all human beings as a top priority. The new male lets go of the past civilizations, and is dedicated to creating a path of harmonious living for all. The new male reaches for high inner intelligence regardless of what happened in his past earlier years. He is an inner athlete seeking a ‘zone’ of activity that represents what he’d like for all the world to see.

The new woman drops the old man that has represented negativity, controlling, and violence down through history. The new woman opens her heart and being totally while avoiding the traps of dependency that so shackled women in general over time. Unnecessary insecurity is no longer needed. The woman of the 21st century and beyond examines herself for the habits of clinging to inherited behaviors that stereotype her for male stereotyping going back to primitive times. The future can’t be created by clinging to the non open, discerning past.

The habit of ‘ladies first’ and opening the door for the female needs to be extended in all ways to value everyone as ‘relevant’ enough to give the highest acknowledgement of being ‘special to’ in all acts. Cultures over the years have used ‘rites of passage’ for young males of 12 or 13 to show their manhood. Garbage! Better to have a woman administer ‘rites of passage’ in how to respect and love their fellow people of all ages, and in particular females.

All over the world are wars just finished, going on, planned, unplanned, and always by men, and the male leader’s quest for money, power, and sex. Freedom and ‘country’ are just ‘lip service’ to inspire child-adult’s of 18-22 to do the dirty work. Males need to be reprogrammed for learning sensitivity, compassion, and the right use of love and meditation. Of course, then no one will want to fight! Hmmm?! Not a bad idea!

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