Control of the Stupid

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Control of the Stupid
TSA Two Options, Molestation or Radiation
May 21, 2013
Most of the educated are stupid! Some of the uneducated are intelligent! No one needs to chew bubble gum to be stupid. ‘Stupid’ comes is many varieties! Ask the ‘stupid’ if they are open minded, and they will, of course say yes! People are taught to be stupid, and are quite willing to fill their brain with stupidities. ‘Stupid’ is often the easier path in life causing many accidents as people rush to affirm their ‘disease’ creating all kinds of confusement particularly when some start questioning their path and begin reversing against the flow.

Society needs stupid people! Why? Because they are manageable. Politicians and religion salesmen want ‘stupid people’ who don’t keep an open mind to inquire what’s behind their words – and of course, they deny culpability. It’s not easy for leaders of the sheeple to manipulate and dominate those who are free in their minds. It’s in the interest of those who control to protect their ‘turf’, and often it enters into greed and lack of compassion toward those who support them. Care and compassion for the well being of those that you have control over eliminates ‘stupidity’ on the part of both sides.

The intelligent person is rebellious and insists on thinking for himself. Intelligence is adverse to succumbing to control that does not meet the standards of common sense and sensitivity. The intelligent person is not stuck on unquestioned tradition, or on worshipping all ancient rhetoric. The intelligent person wants to live in the ‘now’ with an eye on the open future. The way they live in the moment paves the way for a conscious future.

The foolish are like lemmings following each other into the sea and drowning. The ‘foolish’ live in fear beyond the practical fears. The foolish follows beliefs or dogma, traditions, unquestioned authority, negative habits that they refuse to change, the same ole, same ole, etc.

Intelligence is a phenomenon beyond the intellect of the head. Meditation is a device to release intelligence. The more meditative you become, the more intelligent. Intellectual is part of ‘stupid’ and seeks comfort. The word ‘intelligence’ is often misused to identify the ‘smart’ who wallow in undeveloped emotions, and are not well in touch with their beings center. To be intelligent means to live your life from the highest consciousness and spirit in a total let go. Why be an imitator of a mob or group that frowns on open questioning? Follow the empty path in life that ‘you’ choose free of anyone else’s path. Why take the superhighway of the drones or sheeple? Bliss and happiness are there on your own path of passion. You control your path in a creative life that rings in your heart! That’s the best kind of ‘control’!

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