Roaming Adultry

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Roaming Adultery

May 18, 2013
Roaming males are countered by roaming females for gratuity. Philandering for love in the wrong places, and with wrong people is frowned upon by most righteous religious organizations, particularly the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Some even suggest there is a place in eternal hell for these folks looking for love in the most mysterious, exciting of places! Certainly there is questionable merit in one who pledges love to one and slips into bed with another on the sly!

“In the 21st century, criminal laws against adultery have become very controversial, with international organizations calling for their abolition, especially in the light of several high profile stoning cases that have recently occurred in certain countries. Opponents of these laws cite the fact that adultery laws are a major contributor to discrimination and violence against women, as they are enforced selectively mostly against women; that they prevent women from reporting rape and sexual violence; and that they maintain social norms which justify violent crimes committed against women by husbands, families and communities.”

Many ancient laws or commandments are either not appropriate in today’s world or are too ‘cut and dry’ to not cover what they really mean. The narrow minded would say, ‘adultery is adultery’ without really understanding what they are believing. Consensual sex between adults should never be at anyone else’s expense. Creating emotional trauma in another, even if potential  or with an act that is hidden, is injurious and contemptible. Religion has little final word about it’s consequences even though ‘controllers of religion’ say they or god does.  A judgment by another can be just as hurtful.

It is love’s responsibility to not be ‘partial’ as well as not be non mindful or non heartfelt of a mutual commitment to share each others being and heart. Partial love and a loose commitment to agreements and compassion for each other is a breach of common sense and the cherishing of love. Love shared is to always carry the other’s mind and heart in whatever you do.

Couple love has many manifestations.  Adultery is a catch all, guilt driven, hell fire, eternal damnation, judgmental word. First of all, it takes at least four to push the bounds of love and agreement – husband, wife, the ‘us’ that they make, and the ‘outsider’ who benefited. Adultery is not clearly defined. What is it when a partnership agrees to love others? There are no succinct definitions. Love at it’s peaks is compassionate, and empathetic for all combined with full disclosure. Love between two committed to monogamy is but one manifestation of love. Love stays in the heart for all it touches! Love never changes it’s mind!

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