Mask of the Phantom

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Mask of the Phantom
May 20, 2013
The purpose of being on a ‘spiritual journey’ can be compared to taking you like an astronaut out into the stars where the earth is but another of the small stars. Disengaging from the many, many ‘fragments’ that is seen as ‘you’ is to begin seeing that you have been a stranger to the ‘real you’. On one hand, depending on how identified with what you and others see as you, the real inside can be revealed quite simply. ‘The You’ is always accessible but usually is disguised as a phantom hidden in plain sight!

People often look like what they think they are, as well as how they think and become attached to how others see them. In other words, people think they see through your mask, but from through their own mask to really get things all mixed up! People even wear clothes that indicate who they think they are. Rare is the person who is naked, or bares their real self to show who they are, and anyway those ‘majority’, unconsciously pretending to be who they are not, are unlikely to see how another is close up, or intimately. What is needed is a ‘human vacuum cleaner’ for the mind’s negative, stored junk to clear it out.

Unless one has a knack for seeing beyond how people present themselves, people are often not who they seem to be. Marriage and couplings are filled with people not really seeing who each other is, as each puts on a mask of acting who they are later seen as ‘muddled’ and sometimes, the exact opposite. Marriage can be a perfect opportunity to be in an enchanting life, or as most, two frogs stuck together who are not likely to hammer out the bad choice of mistaken self identity that contributed to chaining themselves up with the same on the other side. A ‘relationshit’ with oneself, likely attracts the same, and even if lucky enough to find a ‘high conscious partner’, the lower of the two dominates the relationship.

Love blossoms when uncovering the mask to see that which eludes one as the phantom, or the real, perfect self. Masks to cover the real, pure, sensitive you, can be necessary relative to the circumstances, but the best use is in the most positive manner. Always, the authentic you, without self criticism, shines through at least marginally to even the most judgmental of people, and in full light to those of ‘self love’. Meditation and self love are the guaranteed unveilers of who you really are. Knowing who you really are is the unlocked door to the next dimension.

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