Body Invasion

Body Invasion


May 16, 2013
The title may sound like a scary idea but it’s just a very natural method that enables two people to experience the deepest love. Love has no limits with a couple in personal love. On the down side, most couples begin moving away from the ‘deepening’ direction into some form of ‘chaotic love’. Bumpy love seems to be the world standard, and sometimes ‘over the cliff’. Love has many levels, colors, and expressions. Falling in love and falling out of love are two sides of the same coin. Love can turn in many degrees of manifestation from dark and barely sustaining to a surreal self perpetuating zone of blissful ecstasy. That is ‘rising in love’!

Love is a magnificent privilege to experience the peaks of life. Why miss it? Only two paths to touch the ‘superconsciousness’, meditation or love paths. The last half century or so is an opportunity to take either path for millions like never before.  This is due to the fact that millions are not just in the survival mode, but with infinite choices, and the time to rocket above the mundane into the blissful state of embedded love beyond the concept of ‘love with shrapnel’, or that ‘comes and goes conditional love’.

Love is a seed in everyone. Nurture love and it grows. Don’t, and it struggles. Your choice. Love, or better put, ‘beyond love’ as the rare, blessed ones know it, is a phenomenon that’s a choice-less choice beyond words that gives birth to an eternal flame within. Conditions need to be unconditional. You must let the other being inside as part of you while still having your identity, and the other needs to do the same with you. In extremely rare cases, it happens naturally, while a small percentage, with the passion to do so, can communicate in ‘dialog’ to assist each other grow into the space of a conscious merging. Why this? It’s natural for humans to want to reach the internal high spirit. Unfortunately, most ignore the journey, or use some stimulant (even sex) to reach that ‘nirvana’.

Two natural and ready partners need no instructions. The small percent of others who hold the thought of being in a pure love state or ‘beyond love’, need some of these characteristics: feeling of safety or securedness; no fears particularly of abandonment or non acceptance; relaxedness; letting go of everything, or better said detached from all; self love; etc.

There is freedom within love! Go deep and unconditionally. Let go of the idea of relationships in a box. Be creatively positive, and let love in as deep as possible – you’ll know the ongoing bliss when that happens!

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