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Religion Salesman

May 15, 2013

No doubt there were a lot of good intentions in their early years by over 1/2 million young citizens in the US to ‘spread the good news of Jesus’. Some of those remain ‘proselytizing’ for decades, and of course there are over a million who also did, but have gone on the long unknown road to …? Who knows? There is a famous proverb that was left out of the bible (?) – ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’, but when occassionally acted upon have less than positive results compared to better alternatives.

At 17 years old, I gave it a thought for a few moments to attend a ‘bible factory’ for to learn the trade. Problem that came up in my mind is that I like to be honest and transparent with the freedom to explore what I have an urge to experience. Giving up too much ‘freedom’ for what I was suspicious about anyway, lost out to ‘always following freedom and truths’.

Religion kills unbridled creativity but for that which edifies the creator in the sky and supports the ‘holy book puppeteer’ speaking to all the mickey and minnie mouse’s in the pews once a week. Certainly, the master of the church or temple will stumble upon ways to help people, but so do many other organizations that exist or could be invented. Boring or bored to tears is appropriate to describe houses of religion. Those not bored are so programmed and fearful that they hanker for information stimulating their drone behavior.

In today’s world of more and better information than that of the past, no religion salesman exists who isn’t aware of all the religion characters being there for the story as archetypes that people can resonate with, and yet all but rare ones stand up on their laurels, and feed the naive minions both good information, but filled with falsities. No preacher is going to suggest people meditate because if they are intelligent, they would know that meditation detaches people from programming, makes them question, drops fears of everlasting hell, negates the necessity to hear scripture, opens up their heart to know themselves, and on and on.

The creative alternatives to unleash all the merits of love and awareness negate the need to listen to boring scripture. Of course, a small portion of what is in ‘holy books’ is sound information that many spiritual type folks already know, or can be found in thousands of books that address today’s world issues. Any one who focuses on awareness with discernment and common sense is a church, temple, or mosque unto themselves with no need to support a middleman! Get up, let go, and enjoy life!

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