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Scripture Babble
May 14, 2013
I meet many people. They are all nice for the most part. I have compassion for people who have a variety of disabilities including the ‘parrot disability’. Many of these ‘parrots’ say they pray for me. I suspect that’s more religion drone talk. The ‘Christian Taliban religion’ (which in this country is millions of conservative type Jesus followers), are sheeple who have a parrot’s memory for quoting scripture. Tell them that they cannot say anything that is not their original thinking, and they begin quoting or ‘scripture babbling’! Trying to climb Mt. Everest might be more possible than to have a conversation free of ‘scripture babble’!

There is a strong theory that the more you pay attention to a madman, the more it will fuel his condition. In a sense, these scripture babblers are ‘mad’. Clearly there is a mental neurosis, which needs to be fed to propagate more gobbledegook from holy books, be they Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or whatever. In Japan, I have read they take these religion addicts to the Zen monastery. What’s done there is very unique. No analyzing, questioning, or diagnosing happens. they put him in an isolated room far away from the monastery sitting him in a far corner.

In that isolated room, no one ever talks to him or shows any attention other that feeding him daily. Indifference is the method as a key technique. They have thrived on the attention of others before who listen to them. After several weeks of this the babbler, who has remained with himself, and no reading or stimulation, begins to know themselves. The tension and all the scripture mumbo jumbo dissipates to where they may actually start to think openly on their own.

You have to wonder when these sheeple make love if they quote scripture, or throw it out the window, and substitute what they call ‘profanity’? No man or woman of wisdom really wants to be quoted, or for that matter remembers what they said that was quoted. The average talkative person says billions if not trillions of words in his life time, and each is reflective of the time, moment, and mood in which they were said. To think someone many centuries ago sat there writing down and taking notes on what some man of religion said is completely absurd. We of course have a paper and pencil issue!

Love cannot be transmitted in words to fit in the puzzle of what was experienced and meant. Those with a shallow experience of love will read one thing, and others varying with the intensity. Scripture babblers likely don’t come to the depths of love or meditation to see that all quoting is nonsense, and the exercise of children in school. Awareness is godly and needs no words to experience. Love needs no scripture. All needed scriptures are in the heart not in an ancient book of ancient man.

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