Houston? We Have a Problem!


Houston? We Have a Problem!
May 7, 2013
Male savagery abuse against women is global! Men …. we have a problem!

Originally a genuine report of a life-threatening fault. Now used humorously to report any kind of problem. However, there is no humor in female abuse! During the April 1970 moon flight from Houston, Texas astronaut James Lovell in flight to the moon radioed Houston control, ‘Houston, we have a problem’.  Later the phrase was used in 1995 in the movie, ‘Apollo 13’.

From early childhood molestation or rape by an adult, domestic violence, date rape, random rape, abduction resulting in life trauma, murder, or sex slavery, males continue to break the laws of commonsense, empathy, compassion, and every ‘man made law’ to protect an individuals inalienable rights. Until recently, much of the abuse of females has been hidden in the closet, but slowly the truth is leaking out as women demand equal rights. Thousands of years of embedded male behavior toward women has made females into the more paranoid, erratic, generally fearful sex from generation to generation. The road back to being a strong, centered female is a long and bumpy road moving through the abuse from down the ages.

The collective male seems to be genetically misogynistic to one degree or another thinking he must be the dominant one as well as the uninvited abuser to satisfy his lower carnal needs. I read today that 99.3% of females in Egypt have been unnecessarily harassed with over 60% having experienced rape. In the US military, sources say 1/3 of female soldiers are raped by the men who are in the military to protect us. In the US, I’ve heard many females state that they feel over 50% of women have experienced rape by the time they are 40. Recently, a Lt Col. of the Air Force who heads the ‘sex abuse program’ has been charged with abusing women sexually. The list of well known female abusive men keeps being revealed. Yesterday, a 52 year old man in Cleveland, Ohio was arrested for keeping 3 girls as sex slaves for 10 years!

On all levels of society, males are not only responsible for most of the violence, all wars, but the majority of abuse toward others. The world is destined to crash in the near future unless man treats a woman as an equal. Religions are particularly guilty of fostering the notion that women are beneath men. There is NO father in heaven, if anything it should be called a ‘Mother in heaven’. It’s called Mother Earth, and we are abusing mother earth as well as all females. We have a serious problem where the safety of the world and all future generations will disappear unless all open their hearts and learn the art of civilized, conscious human’s being human. God can only be experienced totally in the reciprocal total love of another or in deep meditation, other wise, ‘we have a problem’ that will cancel the problem of humanity who don’t know how to treat each other with love and kindness.

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