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Free Secrets
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May 12, 2013
There are no secrets among lovers. Things that another would want to know need not be kept in the dark, especially secrets that would be harmful. There need be no reason, particularly, to have secrets when one is bonded with another. Two individuals in love with each other may be independent but only so far as they are a unity where, for example, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Love embraces ‘trust’ as well as communicates completely supporting the wisdom of that trust.

It’s healthy to ‘free or let go of all your secrets’ and healthy for the recipient ‘freeing’ judgmental thoughts and reactive, harmful actions. Secrets are for kids, and only meant in the name of the game be it Easter bunny, the ‘good fairy’, Christmas,  or in the many games children play. Adults don’t need to harbor secrets from other intelligent adults who have moved beyond the stage of partial information, or fairy tale like illusions. Humanity is often kept in the dark both on a personal level as well as on social or global matters that can otherwise add to their awareness. Awareness is an important key to a more balanced viewpoint of life.

The only ‘secrets’ should be secret to even you – in other words none! Withholding information that has no intent to harm another but serves your objective as in a game of poker is another matter, and not the kind of secret inferred herein. Otherwise, release your inhibitions with anyone you love, and particularly if you would want them to be the same with you. The habit of only communicating what you will feel comfortable with to a mate is another form of cheating, and just being insincere, as well as untrustworthy if truth be known.

Love has no secrets, and doesn’t look for the easy way out of truth and communication. A coupling that has a ‘line in communication’ if crossed, sends a shock like an ‘electric fence for intruders’ is based on false love. The world changes when you and couples change to be fully conscious and transparent in actions as well as taking an active part in showing others your love and compassion.  More conscious, positive, open, aware people are needed to go virile for a world that transforms into the ‘best world’ that is humanely possibly. Love yourself totally, and be no less if in a coupling to see the other as yourself in loving completely with no secrets.

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