Living in a Powder Craig

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Living in a Powder Keg
May 10, 2013
Once upon a time, life was like story book where everything was done for you. Then slowly they wanted you to do more, around the house, school, sports, etiquette, on and on. As time went on, and you acquired the notion to have more and more things as well as improving your ‘marketability’, things got more complicated. Higher education, military, relationships, career, and more and more responsibilities. With all that, life seems filled with things to use, see, and do. It’s like a potpourri of juggling desires and requirements to fulfill those desires.

Our social reality is to live within an acceptability according to ideals, formalities, and mannerisms that fit to what seems to be the norm. The whole way of most lives in a sense is being hypocritical to themselves, as well as really not being a contributor to societies evolvement. It’s now time to let go of many of the passed down patterns of previous generations including looking out for just oneself and joining in endless wars that ultimately, if truth be known, where fought to advance the money interest of the very few. Those few hide behind the real motives covered up by words that motivate the masses to generate hate, and an ensuing sacrifice for their family and country by being complicit in supporting war for reasons that may not be accurate.

The evolvment of the self and society has been either non existent or worthy of little but a passing attention. Now we are finally in a century where those same unquestioning attitudes are what will destroy all civilization back to a beginning that will take thousands of year to come to the same point to. Living for a life of satisfying material desires, while leaving the future in this life and beyond to a ‘father in the sky’ for eternal bliss or damnation is, frankly, absurd even though billions are following the absurdity like lemmings cuing up with each other and walking into the sea to drown.

You and the technologically advanced world are at a ‘kindling point’ or a powder keg that can explode at any second putting the unbelievable opportunities for a joy filled world back into the ‘stone age’. It’s ‘wake-up’ time for both the individual, love couplings, families, and the world at large. The time to just survive, or fill the greed with accumulations while ignoring the ‘self development as well as actively contributing to the advancement of all of humanity is no longer adequate! You are the director, manager, producer, choreographer, stage hand, actor, and audience to be part of a live movie of a rapid journey to a new man and woman. There has never been a better time … unless there was one before where people did nothing as catastrophe occurred and humanity had to start from a ‘stone age’. Unconsciousness has created all the malfunctions and maladies of the world into a ‘powder key’ that only individual and collective superconsciousness will defuse to allow a heaven or earth for most.

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