Love Cancels Religion

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Love Cancels Meditation
May 8, 2013
Having a deep love with someone, no meditation is needed. Unfortunately, excluding rare people, few ever find love that overwhelms them forever. Love is not just a biological thrill with glimpses of love that come and go. Deep love is all consuming, and can not be escaped from or retracted. Many times I’ve heard someone say that they no longer love someone. In fact, they never did to the point where their memory is filled with the experience, and it began with them not loving themselves. Love that goes deep can only go as deep as the love you feel for yourself.

We all have ‘energy points’, or chakras. Many ‘spiritual adepts’ concur that there are seven chakras. The energy points or chakras begin with the ‘genital chakra, moving up through the heart chakra, and finally to the ‘god chakra’ at the top of the head. Love ignites all seven chakras when the depth is enough, and continues forever. Most unconsciously, avoid this phenomenon for the insecure feeling and fear of rejection or abandonment. Avoidance translates into various forms of denial from unlimited and various forms of discontent to the false, anxiety ridden substitute of looking for the security in possessions.

Many, many lifetimes pass by over the millenniums with only rare individuals experiencing the full take-over (so to speak) of love in their lives. Billions have died in fear and incomplete love that never fully emerses itself in their soul. Billions living in this ‘amazing information, greater longevity age’ are blessed with the waiting opportunity to experience an enlightening phenomenon through either meditation alone, or the depths of love from bonding.

Opening all the energy points is akin to allowing the spirit of overwhelming love to emerge and setting one on a plateau of inner freedoms that most die leaving life and love ‘blocked’.

It is said by mystics that there are at least 112 methods of meditation. With deep love, no method is needed. Love is rarely easy for most as it requires dropping your ego, and letting another come into you which happens in a spiritual surrender. Forgetting yourself with a total concern for the other is necessary. In that giving there is a vacancy within, in a sense of ‘no mind’. Love creates a helplessness. That emptiness is filled with a supernatural, celestial type energy called love. A few meditators reach a similar point alone. Both are a journey into the unknown that can imprint a cool state of bliss, joy and love.

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