Libertate the Unconsciousness

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Liberate the Unconsciousness
May 6, 2013
Open the mind to let out the dark collectibles!
Cleaning out the storage container to rid you of old collectibles is akin to letting go of the unnecessaries in the dark unconscious. The mind can become like a dam holding back the flow of all the things that make for a clear flowing life. Think of the unconscious as a ‘dump’ that either just sits, affecting ‘clear being’, or just regurgitating the ‘same old, same old’ that clogs newer, healthier thoughts and behavior. Open the door and let the smell and flies out then begin what can be a slow process of letting go of the attachments to anything but love and freedom.

Do we need the unconscious with it’s old clinging negative memories anymore to have the life that is an example to admire either for yourself and others? All around the world, societies, cultures, nations, and people by the billions are getting a whiff of this being an unprecedented ‘now time’ for the opportunity to drop the unnecessary past, and move into a new dimension. It’s time to be a ‘now ager’ and move beyond the wars within, and be an active participant in making others aware of a new beginning of a ‘real being born again’!

Now that we’ve had a few decades of seeing infinite development of technological marvels with some being life destructive, it’s the best use of consciousness to move the inner potential on up. The old part of the vast past of destruction is still in humanities unconscious looking to battle over each others control of the unconscious. It’s just dark chasing dark with no light possible but that of weapons discharging to kill the hopes of other bodies holding a small part of the soul of the whole that you too have. Make everyone your friend, and there will be no need to ‘love your enemy’! You have always been that enemy!

Start by finding how to love yourself, and begin the journey. Hopefully life will give you the time to do it right this time around. It’s ‘now and here’ to move into consciousness, and let go of all unconscious barriers. Travel with little garbage or baggage. Travel ‘light’ and be the ‘enlightened one’! The ghosts of the past only frighten away the vibrations of godliness.

The unconscious acts as a basement. Whatever you throw down there accumulates into ‘junk’. Awareness is the key to transforming ‘junk’ into higher consciousness. Look at it as the only medicine that cures all illnesses. To be free to love and be superconscious, let go of the barriers in the unconsciousness and allow yourself a sense of humor!

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