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Assume Nothing or …

May 5, 2013
Always give yourself the opportunity to ‘assume the best’ as close to 100% of the time as possible! So what if it wasn’t the best choice of options! It will be the best option once you get the knack of using this technique over and over. Falling into ‘‘judgment’, or seeing less than the ‘best’ is a habit that few are likely to break. ‘Assuming the best’ is a meditation technique that will not only help clear the unfortunates of the past that linger in your consciousness, but will open your awareness in the here and now.

Sometimes ‘assuming the worst’ is the best assumption. It’s all in the ‘knack’ of how to use the technique. People who automatically go to often assuming the worst or nothing, likely have unresolved issues that haunt them translating into fears and paranoia. It’s impossible to be a positive type person by looking at the downside at every turn. At the same time it’s always best to look at as many sides of everything as possible, often with advantages and benefits for yourself or another.

There are rare people who one is smart to always assume the best in whatever they do or say, or you’ll end up with either ‘egg on your face’ or missing an opportunity to elevate your thinking, and whatever outcome could have been. Suspicious or negative assuming people are manifesting something within them that needs letting go of to clear their being of ‘junk’ that will show up to everyone. The ‘best assumer’ has a built in radar that triggers a notion to avoid the negative thinker, and leave them to their own kind. It’s like an ongoing ‘quicksand’ for the negative assumer.

Assuming the best, and at the same time ‘expecting nothing’ will temper outcomes from being disappointing. Certainly projecting wishful thinking with little common sense evaluation of the probability of your viewpoint being true is a poor use of the technique.

Start with an examination of yourself, and from in the past especially into your childhood for things that still lurk in the background bothering you. Expect a smoother journey in life when you are able to let go rather than carry hurt or negative feelings you had, for example, at 10 years old. Meet the real you in your pure state. It’s there! Not necessary to forget the pasts negative, but to see them non attachment will leave a horizontal memory with out the ‘vertical one’ that rivets throughout your journey through life. Deepening love will create that detaching, or the alone route of meditating to empty the barriers to love and mental congestion. ‘Nothing’ happens or changes until you start on a route to the best you! Be the embodiment of love to fly the highest and best!

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