Loaded Love

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Loaded Love
photoMay 1, 2013
The body is like a shell housing with the inner soul, memories, and their qualities, or lack thereof, manifesting inside. Early positive experiences and memories in life as a child load the ‘inner’ with a very ample supply of love. A difficult early life, perhaps involving trauma, will show up in many aspects of life, particularly where love is involved as in a close relationship. Fears, such as mistrust, are embedded in the memory for later expressions throughout life. The upside is that the ‘shrapnel’ of bad memories early on where we are most impressionable can be made ‘benign’ through deep love and awareness.

People possessing unresolved issues, particularly of a more traumatic nature, are likely to choose paths in life that are a bit ‘devil may care’ behaviors that are high risk. I know of one well known news reporter who lost his brother while both were young when the brother jumped out a 17 story window to his death. Lovely man as a reporter, but inspite of his feminine demeanor, he consistently goes to ‘high risk’ places like war zones. Seeing life as an opportunity to take actions of great courage or risk, seems to be a subliminal manifestation of covering up the inner pains.

Anyone who is loaded with hanging, unresolved issues will have a negative loaded love. Coupling to another with some type of negative ‘loaded love’ will create sporadic discomfort that often won’t seem worth it. Sometimes a marriage becomes about money problems without realizing that they would be lessened without love problems. Many things are blamed on disfunction. Always the conundrum of perplexity can be found in ‘love stifled’.

Love loaded with conflict incessantly creeping in whether in a coupling or in all types of relationships is a sad misuse of an extraordinary opportunity to lead a very blessed life that also encourages others that the possibility of love manifesting a more positive life can and does happen. Inner conflict repels those who have little of it going on. It’s always best to see that the problems occurring are created from within that have not been attended to. Everyone of sound mind has the choice of actively taking the responsibility to detach from all sources and manifestations of love blocks. You are the problem that backfires on yourself regardless of how much the other contributed. You chose to engage in activity and abilities sometimes over your head to smoothly enjoy the many facets of love.

Time to focus on reloading or rebooting love that works with no obstructions from within. Start with a decision to be more aware, discerning, and enjoying meditation techniques to reduce attachments to the negative while bringing in blessed energy.

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