Fear of Free Speech

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Fear of Free Speech
The Cost of  Free Speech by was_bedeutet_jemanden
April 28, 2013
Also known as ‘fear of communication’.

Most people fear opening their minds while protecting their beliefs, agendas, and general understanding of their inner self being looked at.  They look to avoid any situation that might expose them to what amounts to a fragile, misconceived notion of inner and outer realities. The majority walk around in some form of foggy happiness like a man falling asleep on the railroad tracks while listening to downloaded tunes on his Ipod, and not hearing a freight train barreling down the tracks. We all try to avoid unpleasantries, but information on whats going on in the real world is best heard, examined, and understood for at least the value of knowing, and not escaping news which is important to know.

Fear takes on many forms starting with denial of that fear. Other signs of fear include reaction, condemnation, apathy and ignoring are primary reactions to free speech. Our rights are being eroded mostly by the silent majority who ignore being informed of things that affect their lives. It’s one of the forms of fear of the unknown, and a complacency with the way things are. Because of the apathy and complacency, politicians have a ‘field day’ with the passing of laws for the ‘money concerns’ that keep them elected while often embellishing their material needs.

In Birmingham, England on April 25th, 2013, 25,000 Muslims rallied for change of laws to protect them from criticism of Islam and the Quran! Europe is being transformed by the immigrants from the Middle East, and their ancient Islamic traditions and rules. Few consider it a welcome addition to foster an enlightening, open society.

The ‘political establishment’ from Washington DC down to the local city council politicians fear free speech for selfish reasons. It’s always, ‘follow the money’ trail, and who is keeping them in office for monetary reasons. Politicians that can’t be bought may be found, but don’t look too close.

There is no greater freedom that we as Americans fight and have died for than the protection our forefathers like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison were wise enough to call the 1st Amendment’s right of freedom to speak up. Our ‘angels’ to protect that right are the legal system from lawyers, politicians, and law enforcement. My own experience is that our ‘cops’ have been my angels defending my right as one who has done more public free speech than anyone, but not without those who resent my outspokenness. Open minded people who are willing to be provoked to think are the angels of free talk, and support in mind and heart the phrase, ‘Give me Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’.

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