Wife Duty

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Wife Duty
April 26, 2013
Slavery in marriage still goes on!
When you marry under a more conscious auspices, it is as two individuals agreeing to unite as one. Does it mean you let go of or lose your own identity? Of course not, but every marriage involves three. You, them, and the ‘us’ or ‘we’. The ‘Us’ is a little voice inside that is both yours and theirs. In a sense, it’s like a conscience at times. There is no hidden agenda possible from the other as was in the recent case this April of the Boston Marathon bombing by two brothers. The older of the two was married.

Upon interviewing the wife of the older brother, she claimed having had no clue of her husband’s evil plan. Was it a case of a marriage born to win, but soon conditioned to lose? Many people entering a marriage miss the warning signs of each others limitations, questionable habits, really knowing them or themselves deeply, ability to love deeply, and on and on.

Real marriage is a teamwork ‘divine’ union of two mating souls into soul mates. It matters not whether they are of the same sex or opposite. It is the duty of each until it becomes no longer a ‘duty’ but a sense of positive trust, and beyond through the merging of minds and hearts.  They must make an agreement to be fully transparent with each other involving no hidden secrets. That means a total communication and compassion for the others understandings and feelings being paramount.

Few join together without both having unresolved issues. It’s the ‘duty’ of those entering marriage to see it as an opportunity to use and enhance the love enabling both to better work through all barriers.

It’s rare that it doesn’t work best if the male takes the lead to the other in the dance to find ultimate harmony. It’s the duty of the wife to insist that both she and partner show efforts in merging closer with complete openness. If failing after long repeated efforts of attempting to get an unwilling partner to use efforts for a better closeness, it becomes the right or duty of the more loving partner to leave the relationship in a heartfelt manner, and as an openness to be positive friends,. Relationships, beginning, ongoing or ending are natures/Gods opportunity to evolve the inner love to a superconsciousness that will always be a part of each’s life. Relationships should be used as a spiritual path of rising consciousness and a deeper love. No more slavery!

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