Good Hiding Evil

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Good Hiding Evil

April 8, 2013
Innocence and trustworthiness are breeding grounds for ‘do-gooders with a selfish agenda’ that if known would expose our trust as foolish. Well into my adulthood, I often trusted those in a position of ‘public trust’ to be above questioning, and yet always a little voice told me to question, and search beyond the good deeds of some. I suppose it all started when I was 12 with an incident I wouldn’t regard as evil, but one that likely wasn’t conveyed to those who should know.

The local pastors attractive wife, and a friend of the family was spotted ‘parking’ down a desolate road by a couple of unnoticed older kids while having sex with a local married hunk who had three children (she also had three). I remembered how ‘pious’ she was whenever I saw her. From then on, that opened my mind up to question all ‘do-gooders’, and there have been many! (At 12, I had no children of course, but even I was having, uh romantic thoughts about her!)

In a sense, charades of deception happen at all levels of society down to the individual who even deceives themselves by perhaps ‘expanding the rules of engagement’ to make it alright for them to suit their desires. It might be a government that presupposes it’s doing something good, but ‘covert’ for political gain, or because it sees it as winning ‘the chess game’ with another government, or it’s own ‘buffalowed citizens. Unfortunately, thousands and more deaths of the innocent often are handed unexpected death. A trusted doctor, dentist, boy scout leader, teacher, man of the cloth, or football coach may satisfy his sexual appetite at the expense of someone or ones.

Doing good while covering up the distasteful, or bad is reason enough to terminate all further behavior. People are gullible, and mostly see the good, and not the so called ‘sleight of hand behavior’ that the ‘manipulator’ feels entitled to because of other good deeds. ‘Averaging’ quality of deeds doesn’t work when only a minuscule amount of non defensible actions were done. A ‘Robin Hood’ mentality of robbing the rich to give to the poor needs a sense of propriety that is missing.

Victims of forced greed or lust may volunteer approval in some way out of fear, but the forced act may well be evil.  Turn the word ‘evil’ around, and it’s the right way of ‘live’, and live with love! ‘‘The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be’’. Dali Lama

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