Spiritual Apocalypse

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Spiritual Apocalypse

April 6, 2013
Now is the moment for an event of a cataclysmic, life revolution on earth, changing event. It’s either total destruction from global war of the barbaric males led by the greedy money changers, and supported by the billions of sheeple, or a new kind of war. It’s clear beyond the most imaginary mind that a Jesus or Muhammad is NOT going to unite the 7-8+ billion people into one religion, and a sustainable consciousness for peace. That ‘myth’ is DEAD in all but the ‘fools’ eyes, and the ‘fools’ are the problem as they, and only they, can be manipulated into total self collective annihilation. It’s time to clean house and promote a new divine energy void of all religions, and make earth sacred for inhabitants for millenniums to come!

Humans for all earthly eternity have been divided into groups, tribes, religions, and countries against themselves, but largely due to a lack of knowledge and technology to communicate with each other, or even to know that the other exists. Humans have formed many religions in hope of keeping some semblance of order and hope for an afterlife. The religions have deteriorated into mental and spiritual gulag prisons where the participants have inherited the ‘stockholm syndrome’ of identifying with the ancient, and ‘out of tune with the times’ scriptures. In addition, the religion ‘organizers’ have spoon fed the masses while censoring anything that would give the sheeple reason to seek a ‘spiritual way’ on their own.

In bed with the ‘religion controllers’ have been the politicians augmenting the control, and for their greed and avarice. In essence people have, in the past and continuing, been relegated to boxes or pens like sheep while barely seeing the freedoms they have given up to be maliciously taken care of by insincere ‘controllers’ of their life on earth. However, for infinite reasons, humans have been compliant until a ‘breaking point’ is reached, and violence and war occurs. Never before could that violence have destroyed all of humanity as now.

Now is the time for an individual and collective breakaway from the pasts barriers to personal evolvement into a new specie of human being who possesses, and uses all the positive qualities available without mixing them with the negative to the detriment of others. The age of Popes, Immans, Priests, Avatars, Masters, Gurus, Rabbi’s, Shamans etc. is over. They need no longer seek control of anyone. All the opportunities to be a godly human are available for humanity to explode and transform into a higher consciousness where wars and violence become a fading way for living in peace and joy. As an archetype of consciousness, Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers in the market square.  As he did in the story, we must all turn over the tables of the past’s chains, and fly to heights spiritually and consciously rarely reached but by a minuscule few. Life has ‘openings’ when certain transformations happen, like women being able to vote. Now is the opening for a ‘jihad’ of the past into the light of evolved human consciousness.

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