Jewish Skim Milk

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Jewish Skim Milk

March 30, 2013
The old testament and works of the Jews didn’t come out of thin air, but from the ancient Hindu and pre existing pagan cults over long ago times. Before there were Jews, and an ‘alleged Abraham’, the stars and planets shined in the sky oblivious to the ensuing works of the male deification of an alleged god as his purported scribe. The cow jumped over the moon in Hindu lore (?) thus making it ‘Sacred’ in India. Perhaps the cow dripped from his utter the milk that eventually fueled the beginning of the Jewish religion.

As time would have it, certain desert tribes of the Jews apparently desired to divorce themselves of those that seemed to be less than ‘authentic Jews’. Some Jews were more ‘clever and smart’ than others, scorning those who seemed as brothers, but distant brothers. Eventually, it was decided to cut loose the outlying, less informed brethren to find their own means in which to find salvation and care. Over time, a caretaker archetype, arose in certain minds, ultimately named Jesus, representing the ‘sun of man’ and his daily salvation. However over time, thoughts and words got milked, or watered down thus losing much of the initial intention, but easier to digest and buy for the masses. In time, they called it Christianity.

As the centuries elapsed, somehow it was determined that having one so called ‘child religion’ had it’s limitations and the birth of another from the Jew cult was to be in the making. Muhammad is credited as being the founder of a Jewish knockoff with some revisions of the Bible to make it what it is today. The Prophet Isa (Jesus) was adopted as a mighty prophet in Islam claiming the Christians deified him into something he was not, never claimed to be, and which Allah categorically rejects in his Quran. Whether all this has benefitted the Jews is up for discussion. Who or what’s right? Love is the way.

The three religions have not only fought among themselves, but with the other two. Neither, as an entity, has been able to rise out of their self immobilized ‘mind prison’, or have been able to suggest that the real authentic spiritual answers are to be found within each individual, and not from unknown, undocumented men who lived in the dark ages of communication and evolvement. All three religions are possessive of members with warnings of eternal hell for those leaving or not following doctrine.

The 21st century, for the first time in history, needs a world populace to open their minds and hearts with out any attachment to ancient belief systems. Then if with an authentic open mind and heart beyond all belief systems, one makes the decision to instead follow ancient holy books as a better way, well …. maybe you just didn’t go deep enough to find your own harmony and divine spirit within. Love is silent! Dive deep into love and feel godliness

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