Angel of the Dark

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Angels of the Dark

March 28, 2013

Each person has the seed of an angel within them. Seeds are in the dark too waiting for nourishment to grow into the light, and give light to another. All things which can be are within each one, be it a disease, or the light of goodness and health. What you feed and grow is what fruit will be born. Give energy to the seeds of negativity, beliefs, fears, or illusion, and the expressions will vibrate in sync with that. Conversely, give energy to the seeds of positivity, common sense, gratitude, general light, and the outcomes will reflect that.

Unconscious angels who live in the lower realms of possibilities from the negative mind and unopened heart will have actions that will be a challenge to many to deal with. Take the attitude of looking at the negative as it’s hiding a valuable lesson, secret, and/or opportunity liken to seeing a lotus flower come out of mud and blossom. Certainly, it’s good to avoid those who walk in their own darkness, or at least keep a manageable distance to both give and receive value from them. Part of growth is seeing negativity coming, and how to best deal with it.

‘Dark behavior’ definitely attracts what it sends out, call it ‘demons’ or whatever. I’ve known one very attractive female who got caught in the ‘entitlement trap’ who, as time marched on, became less attractive, but still assumed she was ‘entitled’ to all the attention. Like many ‘rock stars’ who grow accustomed to the entitlement of fan accolades, when it’s not there as expected, they often turn to other stimulants in the form of alcohol or drugs to artificially seduce that ‘high’, she faces the same dilemma. Getting attached to ‘mana from heaven’ entitlements, fosters one to think life is a ‘gravy train’ where ‘stimulating attention’ comes naturally requiring no inner development, and the letting go of issues that got them in that false state of mind anyway.

Many ‘dark angels’ wear sheep’s clothing while they bask in good deeds given out, but along with deceptive, covert behaviors that if caught, evoke denial both from the dark angel, as well as a naive denial from the recipient of the dark angel because of his good side. The exterior of their deeds does not reflect what you see up close, or as a ‘fly on the wall’. Feeding your heart and consciousness with gratitude, love, compassion and the various anomalies from insufficiently used meditative endeavors. Life is an angel whether night or the light of day. Life serves those who serve life! Push darkness away to see, and give room for the light.

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