Malinformed Relationshits

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Malinformed Relationshits
March 25, 2013
Who among any humans has not been on one end, or the other of a relationship that ‘bottomed out’, or maybe just disappeared for reasons unknown? Rushing to judgment is from the mind of the insecure. It can be said that maybe a relationship disappearing is an opportunity to teach a lesson, or maybe to leave room for a happening with another, or an event that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Can we really know for sure? Many relationships from the start are doomed once they peek, and fall to illusion or misunderstandings. To be malinformed is to be poorly or wrongly informed often resulting in consequences that contaminate, or ruin a relationship.

Erroneous judgments can be the poison that separates harmony from any relationship turning it into ‘skita’. Skita is an old Norse term meaning ‘shit’. Anything not ‘rejuvenated’ turns bad or sours. Many relationshits that are held on to, ie., a bad marriage becoming ‘toilet relationshits’ where they bungee up and down from ‘skita’ to flushed and cleared, but only for the moment. ‘Toilet relationships’ are always on the cusp of awful to a ‘breather’. Often they continue because of various fears of ‘letting go’.

Any relationship with ‘malfunctions’, from both participants or one is held back by the less open one to come from common sense and the heart. In essence, the clearly more positive one is left in a relationship that is much lower in quality than they are by themselves. Always, the lower has a great domination as seem in religions who attract and gather fundamentalists who don’t know how to see the positive elements of their scriptures, instead making a mockery of the whole religion. In a sense, there is a self sabotage going on, individually or collectively propelled by negative interpretations that emanate from those who ‘self sabotage’ themselves.

The malfunctioning or malnourished relationship has a low gas tank of love needed to climb to the heights of consciousness. Remember, love is a bodiless experience even if it is felt through the body. The body is only a field that attracts the ‘love aura’, hence the reason when you feel love you start feeling high (meditation pulls in that ‘aura’ too). The deeper you feel love, the more weightlessness. Love is expressed through the body, but like a guitar, the music is not there, it is the instrument to bring it out of consciousness. The music, like love is bodiless. Be aware and attract the music of love to you. Relationships need both in tune. At least you be open, and existence will take care of whatever will be will be, and you can at least feel the music of love within yourself.

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