I Am Jesus (8 of ?)

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I Am Jesus (8 of ?)


March 19, 2013
In the ‘second coming’ of Jesus, will anyone know whether it’s really him or not? There are some who think he will appear with a light surrounding him, dressed in a white robe as a handsome 5’10’’, long haired, bearded, white guy, 33 year old bachelor. Currently there are several movies being made or made on aspects of the bible to primarily appeal to the ‘evangelical’ population which is 20-25% of the US population. Each of the films will appeal to the heart and tearful emotions as film makers well know is necessary to increase the odds of the films success.

Jesus among us certainly wouldn’t use the name Jesus for intuitive fear of sneers, laughter, and thought to be a kook. This miracle incarnation might like to be called ‘Ralph’, or whatever name. Any choice would be ignored or disregarded as some kind of ‘ Hollywood’ technological trick. As it is, he’s appearing in all kinds of movies, and artists renderings of an imaginary Jesus. Perhaps he would appear as a woman even, for they have been so abused by man. Then again, he could appear as Chinese in China where they might be more open to a strange appearance of a man in ‘light’.

Nearly 20 years ago at my Center in Venice Beach, a pretty German woman showed up to stay for 1/2 a year. She was very mysterious. Her name was Karin Fedderson who had been the ‘face of Europe’ a few years prior. She appeared to also have unusual channeling or psychic powers. The most unusual aspect of her is that she claimed she was close friends with the current incarnation of Jesus. She told me many times that he came to open the world to the music we see now. He had healing and inspirational powers that he came back with as a singer-healer many times in the past 2000 years. Often he dressed in white and sent energy to everyone in the world. Was she a ‘nut case’ or to be taken seriously? I still, with great amusement at her insistence, and charm give it a very small consideration as I agreed that her friend did do that.

The energy of a Christ is available to all who open their minds and hearts apart from being attached to the very mixed and sometimes erroneous scripture in the new testament. Personally, I find that some of the open minded, heart Jews, and who have no attachment to the Jesus story, to be most symbolic of having divine, spiritual energy. It’s clearly available to all ‘outside’ of being attached to any scriptural dogma. Letting go of the negative, and taking the inner stairway to consciousness is the route for the journey to godliness.

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