Hiding Behind Religion

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Hiding Behind Religion
March 17, 2013
Take control of your own life. Let no person or social function come between you, and being at source with a higher power, and consciousness that needs no intermediary to hide behind. There was a time to hide behind your mothers skirt, and your fathers protection because you had natural fears. No one replaces that protection except you in integrity coupled with others of the same ilk. Don’t even hide behind a ‘god’ that you define as an entity who sits out there somewhere waiting to satisfy your pleasures. God is a word for an energy which awaits your constant, never ending, active passions to uncover.

It takes little courage to accept a ready made dogma that’s been passed on to hundreds of generations before you by ‘skilled proselytizers’ who stop at ‘believing’. Believing is an in between route to finding, otherwise known as ‘knowing’. For those with more important things to attend to than seeking ‘inner secrets’, ready made religion is readily available. Ignorance and laziness seeks out ready made answers even if they are like putting a square peg in a round hole. All ‘believing’ is a faith that you will eventually know without the doubts that accompany believing.

It takes courage to follow a spiritual route without a ‘net’ if you fall. One medicine does not work for all. Those who need crutches primarily because they don’t love themselves, and having left hidden issues simmering within, may find a ‘mother’s skirt’ to hide behind and pamper them easiest. Religion is always there but unable to let you be free. Ever heard of a ‘religion salesman’ encourage anyone to seek on their own? No authentic being, particularly a wise one, wants anyone to follow them.  Those who follow give their courage and freedom away.

The real spiritual seeker doesn’t need anyone past or present for other than consideration of other viewpoints. Hiding from your own revelations and answers is the way of the coward. What kind of god would want cowards as followers? Neither the Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, or any holy book is more than one of many references for information on conscious behavior. Meditation is clearly a more valuable tool than any holy book for unity and harmony with the spirit of the divine godliness.

Here are just a few of benefits to meditation: Builds self-confidence; increases serotonin level, influences mood and behavior; resolves phobias & fears; helps control own thoughts; helps with focus & concentration; increases creativity.  ‘Whenever you follow your potential, you always become the best. Whenever you go astray from the potential, you remain mediocre. The whole society consists of mediocre people for the simple reason that nobody is what he was destined to be — he is something else…’’.

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