Religion Censors Free Speech

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Religion Censors Free Speech
March 15, 2013
The ‘thought police of the world’ are all religions, starting with denial of that truth. No one serious about religion will allow conversation without reference to their ‘holy book’, and ‘god’s chosen leader’. Religions are all against free thinking. Denial of that shows serious ‘brain washing’. Each religion censors all other religions, and even different versions within their own religion. Ask a person of religion to think on their own without reference to their scriptures, and you’ll often find that they are unable to communicate for more than a few moments.

However, when a person of religion is into a sexual meditation (encounter), it’s rare that they don’t swear, and never use their religion teachings. Verbal censorship in love making is akin to a mental sickness, and if because of religion, is a total misinterpretation of its teachings. Love has no restrictions or censorship of ‘free thought’. All religions ‘decaffeinate’ or take the juice and soul out of communication. People of religion shut the door on meaningful conversation relative to anything that concerns living and loving. Suppression of thoughts only leads to a repression of letting go, and feeling emotionally and mentally free.

Teaching an understanding of religion in our schools and universities is invariably met with fear of not only from the churches, but of job loss for the teacher because of complaining parents. Openness of discussion or dialog is in a sense ‘sequestered’ to ‘off campus’ informal chats. Imagine that the young are presented with an option beyond religion that involves love, compassion, and personal evolvement. No founder of a religion would be part of the mind control machine that’s been created. We are left to professional religion salesmen who use fear of hell and guilt to the vulnerable youthful minds. The spiritual or conscious person need have no connection to anyone’s words but their own.

A passionate quest for truth, and the meaning of love and life is all that’s needed for a life journey into a godly world with infinite opportunities of divine wisdom. Freedom of thought and its expression is everyone’s natural entitlement. Never give up that freedom. A religion that restricts your thought, and others is a ‘false path’ for the gullible. Take the high road with the freedom to speak, and enjoy life’s many blessings that require no allegiance to the false notion that god holds a stick, and threatens with a forever hell. No one has ever been able to define or prove the god that religion speaks of. Follow a ‘godly’, expressive life from the heart and positivity … that’s religiousness. No religion necessary!

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