Maxing Out on Religion

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Maxing Out on Religion
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March 14, 2013
Religion is always on credit, or borrowed. Isn’t it past time that you stop using another’s words to pay for some unknown words of others that are centuries old, and out of context with the times? Stealing the words of others to unconsciously avoid having to discover the truths in life by yourself is like going to McDonald’s fast food restaurant to avoid cooking for yourself. It’ll work in the short run, but as your only source of food, you’d be eating the wrong ingredients for long term health. So it is with religion. Religion is written about those who found their ‘own way’ without having to struggle to interpret others meaning that might well not have been their experience anyway.

Before you could walk you had to crawl, then walk, then run. Seems some can fly with assistance. You cannot ‘fly’ with religion as you are shackled to a system of beliefs. Of course, some of the ‘beliefs’ are common sense that people learn on their own, or could find in many books. Nothing practical is found in any holy book that can’t be figured out through intelligence, or from some modern available source. Technologically, man has far surpassed anything suggested in books of religion.

Personal contemporary behavioral qualities are readily available through parents, school, society, video, books, and even experience with discernment. Humans live twice as long as when the books of religion where invented. In certain parts of the world, people can find love between another, and even experiment or just enjoy love with many, and with no fear of condemnation. The number of things to enjoy are infinitely greater than in ‘old times’. We, on average, have twice as long to live, love, and raise our consciousness.

Today there are many opportunities to engage in meditation and yoga as never existed  but in isolated situations in the world, and almost exclusively in the East. The books of religion are all filled with negative interspersed with positive. Always, there are salesmen of religion who’s duty it is to have you be in their flock through life as a support for them. Religion needs the ‘mind’. Meditation is about the death of the mind. Meditation is reaching an inner silence with awareness. It brings a sense of illimitable ecstasy, joy, compassion, love, devotion, and a silence filled with benevolence and a gratitude that is found only in the inner sanctums of your being. Have courage and step beyond ‘structure’ into a realm that is the space of enlightenment. You could have been a flea, a fish, a bird, a wild animal, a cat or …, but each of us is blessed to be a human being who can participate in infinite activities while evolving to inner heights only an aware human can.


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