Devil is God’s Dirt-bag

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Devil is God’s Dirt-bag
March 13, 2013
Just ‘who’ is this devil? Poor Devil, he now is most famous as a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt, and calling him the ‘Dirt Devil’. Is God punishing him? Christians and Muslims must have a sense of glee that the Devil has been reduced to cleaning up dirt. The two aforementioned religions have separated God from the Devil. Is this a man made manufactured ‘mind construction’ creating the necessity of a choice? Perhaps one should keep an open mind beyond what some ancient scripture says. Has the 21st century mind evolved in it’s understanding of what holy books have purported to be true, and now maybe be able to see things more truthfully in modern thought?

God, according to the Judaic religions, has created everything! So since the devil is part of everything as well as deeds attributed to him, in a way it’s God with a different hat on for his own purposes. Hmmmm? That makes God a ‘dirt bag’ sometimes!

Zen, which is a simple mirror reflection of life, is paradoxical and concerned that whatsoever is, should be reflected as it is. No need for a ‘choice’. Things are one. Making choices creates confusion. If God is good, where does bad and evil come from. Confusion arises. Life is a paradox, accept it as it is. If the Devil is created by God, than God is the sole one responsible for everyone and everything. The paradox arising has to be accepted as truth for the ‘faithful’, or they are left embracing a house divided against itself. Fact of the matter, that is what is the case with most people with their religion – they are in conflict running from the devil, and thinking God is separate. The result is a schizophrenic, insecure religion follower who needs to isolate themselves from anyone but others who are equally split. Hence, they become part of the flock.

My observation is that either God is a bit of a nutcase, or he is really the devil trying to be a God. That’s actually the way humanity is on the earth – more devil that god, but with billions of people  involved in their religion of choice, they are trying to be friends with God, but seem more attracted to sliding to his ‘devil side’.  Personally, I can’t believe that god is a sadist from looking at the whole of his creation. I just think he’s learning like the rest of us, in fact not even up to the standards of the more conscious.  The paradox is we are all a reflection of the one God who we must see as a devil who is just trying to clean up his own act, or conversely God having a slow time at emptying out his ‘dirt bag’. God’s trying, as he is both devil, and trying to be a more conscious God… or just existence being as it is. See God and Devil as one!

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