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Jew Muslim Love
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March 11, 2013
Muslim hatred of Jews is well known?  The most famous Jew, Jesus, would find little interest in being a part of any ideology, religion, hamster rolling, or whatever you want to call it. Few Jews even think Jesus was any more that an archetype to send a message of the ‘sun of godliness’, and how all life can be saved with it’s light from above. Muslims, who are a peaceful yet belligerent knockoff of the Jews, relegate this ‘sun of god’ to a lesser status in favor of the crescent moon which of course hides mostly in darkness. Christians, however, have denied the real ‘sun of god’ by using symbols of a dead man nailed to a cross.

No religion uses the number one symbol of life, the sun, as it’s symbol. Why? Who knows? Perhaps it’s because the ‘flock’ might see it as a symbol of openness both in thought and feeling. Now that wouldn’t work because the ‘fences’ to keep the flocks eating only what its fed them would come down, and the wolf sheeple would have nothing to feed their families on. Brain washing? Ask any strong Christian or Muslim and they will go into denial, and be like from the fable where Chicken Little runs around telling the flock that the sky is falling.

Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics, Zoroastrians, Rastafarians, Atheists, Sikhs, on and on, same people just different programmed sheeple acting like hamsters with little openness outside of their books of protocol.

Today there is an unrecognized war between education and belief. Our schools and universities work to open the minds of the minions of our misinformed adults, the youth – at least when religion keeps its nose out. However, in their courses on the history of religion, the professors clam up through ignorance or fear of job loss. They fear informing their paying students the real credible, objective facts that ‘holy book’ archeological scientists have uncovered, especially the mythical characters as well as ‘root origins’ of each religion.

On the other side are millions of ‘ holy pens’ for naive, vulnerable, sincere folks and their related children who ask that you believe, and have faith that theirs is the only religion and way to Heaven while all others will go to Hell. Religion, up to this time, is far ahead with ‘weapons’ of indoctrination that education has on their side. One can mindlessly go to heaven or hell. Educate yourself with real questioning and thinking beyond the ‘education farms’ and according to religions the thought that you will go to Hell, and forever!!! Get a so called good education (?), keep the belief and faith, and you will be a superior sheep, like those in the Vatican? Perhaps the superior sheeple will get merit badges that, as the Mormons claim, you may end up as the ‘god of your own planet’.

Focus on thinking, questioning, loving, and inner peace as the only religiousness – and ‘all by yourself!!!!! The ‘2nd Coming’ of the Messiah is ‘YOU’ RISEN IN CONSCIOUSNESS! BE ‘SAVED’!

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