Live Gracefully or Stupidly

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Live Gracefully or Stupidly

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March 10, 2013
Love stupid people particularly the educated ones, for they mean well, but haven’t seen the easier way. Why be a drone-worker, fighter throughout life when opening, and relaxing in a surrender to see that the ‘right, best flowing way’ is easier, and in harmony with life. Keep eyes wide open, as well as ‘mind’ wide open like most don’t. Any ‘beliefs’ close the eyes and mind even though you may ‘believe’ they’re open!

There are two ways of living, one way is ‘accidental’ or unconscious – the way of the world. Worldly. The other way is to live consciously which is gracefully with little anxiety and internal fight. In the conscious world, with heart and mind open, you simply surrender, and a natural trust arises. In the unconscious world, desperation, anxiety, and fears lurk behind every step. In trust is a feeling of knowing, not just ‘believing’. To believe is to doubt, however ‘believers’ deny it’s existence. It’s not that there is no doubt in trust, but in the form of conscious questioning in a rational way. It’s ‘trustful’.

People are too programmed to fight, and struggle to achieve things much like a soldier who is taught to fight, be violent, aggressive, and struggle to achieve their goals. The conscious person knows that life is flowing in a positive way, and that they have to tune in, or be harmonious with the directions they are going toward. Many think they have to force themselves and fight to accomplish their agendas. It’s not a question of forcing your energy but trusting existence, and moving in the desired direction with eyes wide open, and with discernment for best choices. No need to force!

Sometimes it happens in a struggle for a desired happening that it happens, and the unconscious person will become attached to thinking ‘struggle’ was the reason when it likely would have happened with less struggle while enjoying the effort.

Over the years, starting when I was 11, I kept in shape by body building. I had a passion for doing it, as well as enjoying seeing the results. In my New York apartment, I had spent a year trying to see how much I could bench press. Always any force was with a sense of joy without struggle. One evening, I was in a sense of high spirits while on the radio one of the most motivating songs came on (YMCA by the group ‘Village People’) as I was bench pressing. With conscious, no fear struggle, I bench pressed my all time high of 350 lbs., and ‘gracefully’.

Life doesn’t need to be forced, struggled with, fearful, and anxiety ridden. Always be mindful of following your own inner intuitions beyond all ‘beliefs’. A god, in whatever form that word stands for, is the way of natural, meaningful, compassionate, and graceful cooperation with your higher self coming from you, and NO ONE ELSE! No religion or ‘belief systems’ necessary! Love in it’s many degrees is a communion with the highest powers, call it god, allah, godliness, etc., but the active inner expression is most resonating. Surrender to love, and conscious love will do the rest.

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