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March 7, 2013
You are what you repeatedly do, think and feel. We all do the same things over and over as does the Hamster running in place in his spinning bound cage. Routine can be exemplary, but on the other hand, uncreative and defining of who you appear to be. ‘Window shopping’ through life, and always looking ‘at’, or even participating where ‘creativity’ isn’t much demanded, suggests you are running in place, going no where. Animals have routines that rarely differ from one another of their specie. Humans have the option to set the pulse of creativity to deviate from the ‘ho-hum’.

‘Predators of stupifications’ are sadly not an anomaly in this exciting time of potential major human shifting in consciousness. In other words, the real ‘molester of intelligence’ is your common ‘man or woman on the street’! ‘Hamster’ connotes having little else in the way of any creative, positive proclivities but to think inside a box on your shoulders. The ‘Hamster’ person is amazingly creative though at justifying their thinking from ‘original’ comebacks like, ‘we are all entitled to our opinion’ (which of course is true, but…) or ‘this is the way it’s always been’ (ie., when defending opposite sex marriage as the only way).

Hamster people of the mind, lockstep with conservative ideologies, or rigid religion smoke screens to protect their laziness in questioning authority. Lazy people find comfort in being led by others who ‘shear their wool (sheeple shearing)‘ to finance their way, or occupation to survive. These ‘sheep shearers‘ are really sheep-hamsters in false wolves clothing, and like the hamsters, are their own worst enemy as well as the enemy of positive social evolvement. Actually, these people are ‘worker people’ (drones) to support their existence and amusements as their belief that they are here for a reason, but don’t really show why more than your pet dog or cat. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be respected and loved… just because of their choices.

Laziness of the mind for questioning both oneself, and all authority is ‘Sloth’, or one of the ‘seven deadly sins’ of the bible, that refers to ‘laziness’! Sloth is a spiritual or emotional apathy neglecting use of a higher consciousness (Christians refer to as God), and being physically and emotionally inactive (one will do). Sloth is anti growth of the unconscious to the conscious.

Yes, hamsters can be physically active. but running no where as if you’re going somewhere is still no where! It’s past time for a new ‘spin’ on life to check out what, and who you really are. Why let this be just speaking to the choir, but a message to get off your wheel to no where thinking you’re going somewhere? Be the watcher of your false self separate from who you really are – have the courage to get off the ‘hamster wheel’!

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