Vatican Becomes Disneyland

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Vatican Becomes Disneyland
photoMarch 6, 2013
Could selling off the Vatican’s assets do more good than they now serve? The Vatican exists for the good of the people, allegedly. Or is it an outdated support system for males to rule over a dominion of 1.2 billion people on earth, not to mention the billions who’ve entered ‘Catholic Heaven’? Is Mother Teresa a token enigma to recognizing the minuscule participation of females, or maybe just an insult to women’s intelligence by the male misogynists of Catholicism? A Jesus would encourage ‘transparency and honesty’ with all things related to God, and not a faith surviving on riches that encourages chastity, sexual repression, and authoritarianism. The ‘mafia of religion’?

Do we need a fairy with a ‘magic wand’ representing the beleaguered female gender to bless the Vatican into a place of love, compassion and joy for humanity? With control of 1.2 billion minds in the world, this ‘evil cript’, or vat of demagoguery needs exposing and elimination. The Vatican is holder of the greatest wealth ever known. 115 Cardinals with their little red hats are communing in Vatican city right now. Count the blacks and women among them on one hand with most fingers down. Religions and government don’t just make things worse, the anesthetize the populace to!

Now for a positive solution that ‘we the people’ can effect for all of us and future generations! Begin talks on how to convert land, buildings, artifacts, art, etc., into money to fund world wide health for everyone. All areas of health need be covered including free birth control, medical research, counseling especially for the molested and raped children, facilities for the aging, etc. This leads to education facilities for everyone in the world especially focusing on ways to evolve as an individual human as well as how to assist in helping society to evolve. None of this should reflect any ideology or religion, but with a pure spiritual, common sense approach.

Vatican City can also become not only the center for administering these world improvements, but a tourist attraction with guided tours as well as fun opportunities like Disneyland provides. Instead of using the formula that has helped sustain the Catholic empire for two millenniums, namely ‘problem(which they often had a part in creating) – reaction – solution’ (which they provided through confession and dictum that programmed the minds through fear and guilt, etc.), using that formula in a positive way.
The church will no longer be any part of problems, for they occur on their own, and providing solutions of compassion is the way that would meet the approval of a Jesus over the ugly charade of a god’s interpreter.

Over and over through the years when talking to many ex Catholics, invariable they regard themselves as ‘recovering ex Catholics’. It’s time for a giant leap in consciousness into a new man and woman with the spirit of the mystics down the ages. Let’s bring a new joy, compassion, and blessings into life as a real opportunity for all on earth!

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