Enlightenment is Entitlement?

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Enlightenment is Entitlement?
March 5, 2013
It’s best to not get attached to either! Heaven on the shoulders is a fantasy to have fun with, but not too seriously! Lots of folks get into that ‘entitlement state of mind’. It might be over any number of qualities they have from riches, mental or physical acumens, and even ‘spiritual ego’. Many so called reasons for ‘feeling superior’ are fleeting in time, or other circumstances. Entitlements are ultimately an illusion. Enlightenment is no where to be found except in the ego that feels ‘entitled’ to say, and feel enlightened in their own mind.

Either ‘enlightenment or entitlement’ is an ego trip regardless of their differences from each other. Enlightenment is a journey, and truth be known, is not a destination. It seems more fashionable the last few years to use the term rather loosely. The ego is very clever, and after mentioning around that you are enlightened, the reaction doesn’t usually feel comfortable, then cleverness takes over. After some negative experience of letting others know of the supposed ‘ultimate state’, the ‘blessed one’ goes into an ‘implication mode’ where he can safely say he didn’t say he was enlightened.

My experience with people who claimed or inferred they were enlightened is that they have read much spiritual rhetoric, did some meditating, and more often than not, regard themselves as smarter than most (often it’s just a better memory system). Another way of saying it, is they are ‘ego stuck’. The same state is common to ‘religions salesmen’ in all religions except they have adopted, and largely memorized ancient religion dogma which they proselytize.

This ‘high spiritual state’ is a veneer that is more of a ‘coverup’ of negative thoughts and emotions which they avoid or hide. Somehow, entitlement begins to grow until one gets close to them, and sees their vacillating moods. Either characteristic assumed as an arrival to a destination for others to honor is more succinctly a ‘wall’ for further growth as well as a reason to make others uncomfortable. Thoughts precede feelings, and often far outweigh the inner feeling of being true. To be special means to be egoistic, and ego is the only problem. There is no other problem.

A human is ‘being human’ when they let go, free and open the mind, use empathy, compassion, have no fear of intimacy, act positively, and love with a depth that is unconditional. Having some characteristics that appear better than most isn’t worthy of considering oneself any better than someone else. To ‘anesthetize’ yourself from who you really are is not being the human being as a high example for humanity. If life reacts sweetly to you for no reason or expectation, you might just be on the path of being a consciousness ‘being human’.

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