Perception is Reflection

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Perception is Reflection
March 3, 2013
The world is your stage to do whatever you want, especially in America. Limitations are your perceptions that may very well mirror your chosen constraints and self image. However, another’s perceptions may, or may not mirror your self perception. The world can be strange particularly when perceptions clash often through misinterpretations. Viewpoints are more clear from those who live in the positive elements of thinking and feeling, but quite the opposite for those who struggle with the obstacles that attach themselves to the mind.

Where the ‘perceiver’ is in their mind, colors any response or reaction. How you’ve chosen your mind and heart to be will reflect that same way. A positive person will respond the best they can to the one that has a negative self perception, but the negative is very powerful in acting as a ‘vampire’ to the positive ones energy so that the more ‘positive one’ either can accept the negative challenge while trying to uplift it, or more often, will look to avoid serious contact with troubled energy. The more negative are like in a ‘quick sand’ that is hard to get out of.

The negatively inclined will not usually receive anywhere near the same response as a positive person would from another positive one. Negativity drains loving, affirmative energy to reflect in varying degrees what is given out.

The more closed minded, less progressive, and resistant to change or openness will lock themselves in that position while bonding with others of the same way. The manifestation of connections will be fraught with discord. Unfortunately, different degrees of this type dominate, at least when you see beyond the veneer of a coverup when first meeting. Regardless of other qualities, a sense of unhappiness permeates this type of individual while they bring others to a lower energy. Sadly, rarely does this type fully recognize, and take responsibility for changing this negative aura, or at the very least apologize to others for their downward attitude, feelings, and actions.

Take action in the direction of always selecting the most positive option as a start. Take time everyday to be still, and witness in meditation to lighten the minds ‘luggage’ while opening the heart. Letting go of being attached to lingering negative thoughts of past experiences will happen. In time there will be a slow, subtle rising above your fears and worries. Move onward with awareness and discernment always being mindful of taking the high road. Affirmative actions, be it even in stillness, will mirror themselves in your life.

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