Perceiver is Deceiver

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Perceiver is Deceiver
photoMarch 2, 2013
Perception is often a deception of the mind that is fed from various sources of past programming. That programming may well be the perception that you have nurtured of what limitations you see in yourself. Foggy days and foggy nights surround most of individual humanity as well as the collective. A rolling stone gathers no moss, but like people, when reaching their adulthood, rarely ‘roll on’ with who they really are, instead rolling over who they are not. You are not using your inner powers, even if the outer skills are outstanding. Most are stuck in a fog when it comes to what’s behind their eyes.

Life lived in the outer world with little reflection on the inner, is like an iceberg, most is below what can be seen. There are millions of very gifted people, many not having been educated in our ‘robot college farm system’ who have marvelous specialties far superior to anyone regardless of education. I know of another highly educated person with a ‘total recall’, eidetic memory who has more answers to things than any 100 people, but when it comes to inner sensibilities and emotional development, he lags far behind his other proclivities. Some people are very smart, but dumb, and some are very average mentally, but excel emotionally.

The perceiver who can be his own worst ‘deceiver’, often is attached to having personal judgments of others that have little basis in reality. One having insightfulness, intuition, and a highly developed sensitive empathy sees and acts out the inner qualities of himself, while seeing others with far more accuracy than the norm. Most live with an ‘outer view’ of life, always basing their thinking and perception of others from a more superficial perspective. It is with great trepidation that they take the journey into the inner self for fears of looking at what they bury, and avoid while placating themselves with the external.

To be a genius in matters of the outer world, and attached to that as a basis for seeing others, and themselves is to live in delusion. To become attached to the outer, and other’s erroneous perceptions as who you are is like being invited to a ‘fine dining restaurant’ and bringing a ‘sack lunch’ to eat. Life is an opportunity for inner growth of the spirit, and being able to reach to the consciousness while slowly leaving the negatives of the unconscious behind with a new positive outlook. Watch whatever comes up on the outside, but be untouched by it as a witness, and go to your center of being removed, and allowing your inner bliss to arise.

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