Duck Off a Water’s Back

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Duck Off a Water’s Back

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February 24, 2013
Most situations that are frustrating, awkward, exasperating, or just downright anothers bad ethics or manners, are well … par for the course in this chaotic world of ours. Most can be stuck in their ego’s of defensiveness to protect their poor self image. Oh, and the title is really -‘Water Off a Duck’s Back’ in case you were a bit frustrated with how it was said! When two people who find themselves ‘confrontative’, at least one needs to take the fizzle out of the sizzle to lower the temperature for possible communication.

Today, more and more people are declaring themselves spiritual. Mostly the ‘spiritual’ that most claim is really the beginning of actively looking at themselves, and willingly making the changes that empty their minds of old ego habits, and a ‘mixed results’ experience of dealing with others. A ‘spiritually cleared’ person is one who can see emotions and mind being automatically self controlled, and I should add, ‘naturally’. With a heart opened with love, sensitivity can be a personal guide, and yet with the ability to walk the other way with a smile and no grudges.

To be immune to criticism or confrontation is not necessarily the mark of spiritual development. Many create a false, hard shell exterior that merely hides repressed issues that haven’t been let go of. It’s important to ‘crack the shell’ of hardness, and a false sense of the impression that it’s a healthy ‘water off a duck’s back’. Life isn’t meant, for better living, to be a game of being a hard ass inconsiderate ‘me, me, me’ first. No animal has the capacity to know about life ending as human’s should, however few are above acting as if life goes on always for them. Only animals have that delusion, why do most humans have it too? It’s an attitude that life is like ‘water off a ducks back’ with little, or no consideration that it’s always ‘moment to moment’ for life.

Breath in ‘awareness’ of life both within, and out there in its infinite expressions. Always be moving forward until there is a sense of moving upward, and when you can see gain in any endeavor including within, move onward with awareness to the next plateau. Leave those who are here for an ‘ego game’ behind as you move on to greater expressions of consciousness. Only then, when the heart is filled with love, and with the mind of awareness will challenges be met like ‘water off a duck’s back with sensitivity. The key is always have a good sense of humor, and keep smiling!

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