Rising in Love – Lovitation

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Rising in Love – Lovitation

March 1, 2013
A spark of love can transform into the light of love that consumes into ashes the obstacles to endlessly light the inner being. What appears as magic is just readiness available for the opportunity to ignite the fires of that which awaits the moment of bonding synchronicity into a meaningful happening. Like the flow of electricity unimpeded by any resistance for it’s most powerful expression, love may come even through resistance or obstacles, but for the fullness of it’s way, all obstacles need to be removed. In human terms, the biggest obstacle is the attachment to negatives you drag in from the past hiding the real you.

Inner maturity has little to do with intellectual proclivity, but has blossomed from sensitive care of feeling’s invisible receptacles. Appreciation, and a feeling of belonging from early on in life already is an upward path to love. Those having obstacles that slow down the expression of positive feelings especially toward intimacy, had best find the guidance that can help in cutting and transforming past blocks into opportunities for growth merging into the upward rise of the spirit.

Meditation happens alone. Lovitation happens in tandem, and in deep synchronicity with another. Both reach the same pinnacle, only from different directions, hence a unique perspective view on an ‘enlightening’ life. Two people reaching the peaks, think and feel on the inner as one with no separation. All the aspects of protocol and emotion merge into one so the necessities of all actions are beyond explanation. As you understand and know yourself perfectly, so it is with each other. Inner doubts, and insecurities disappear along with possessiveness. A total inner freedom and communication happens naturally. Each has a separate identity, but the sensitivity of each is always naturally at the forefront of every moment. Want of a higher, or a deeper love disappears from thoughts.

Lovitation at its peak is a total breaking of the inner thought barrier between two people into another dimension of both’s inner reality. Inner struggles with lack of love, and the identity of who you are vanish. The need for guidance by a religion becomes non existent as the thirst for the unlimited essence of life’s vastness opens, as it had for all the mystics of the past. This is the first time in known history that the blessings of ‘love coupling’ can rise within millions. It just takes an intent to let go, opening the heart, and flowing with the energy. Then the primal need to transfer that experience of inner love to others becomes overflowing within. Deep love simply gives and demands nothing in return.

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