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Lovitation …
February 27, 2013
The opening of the heart, and the raising of the spirit to enlighten your way through life is ‘lovitating’. Can two people reach peak love together that locks in as your very daily breath? Common love is like the shifting weather, you never know what it’s going to be like moment to moment. Every moment of love, however, needs to be cherished as a reminder of its beauty and joy. Why not tap into the depths of the hearts steady flow of love? Love as a bud is wonderful but why not as a flower in perpetual blossoming?

I had the great fortune while in studies at the University of Oregon with a very special girl to together experience the deep synchronicity, life changing transformation of love. A few short years later while living in NYC, I made it a passionate project to see if I could uncover information on what had happened. In New York’s ‘Greenwich Village’ was the most noted ‘metaphysical bookstore’ in the world. After a series of weekend visits, and going through what seemed to be thousands of books, I found a small, just published book from India that corroborated my inner experiences! Everything changed even more with that confirming and elucidating book on the love path to superconsciousness!

For the first time in history, the 1970’s opened the flood gates of sexuality and love for both males and females that had been almost invisible until that time. This time was the beginning of an unbelievable opportunity to raise consciousness for those that paid attention, and to pass on ideas to others coming up who likely would never have had access to information of raising consciousness on the love path. Even in India down the centuries, only the 2nd path of ‘alone’ was available through meditation and yoga. The love path is almost impossible without two people unless reaching it through deep meditation ‘alone’.

You are a unique person, as fragile as anyone ever was. Deep within, you are like everyone with the same fears, same death, lusts, and same love even if they are buried. Accept yourself, and allow your unconscious to be revealed. Become the ‘revolutionary being’ possible. Be stronger by accepting and cherishing it, hence you will naturally look at others with that understanding as strangers becoming friends. Anyone who feels broken is open for healing to make them even stronger. Use the energy power of love alone, or in tandem to reach to the peaks of consciousness and ongoing bliss. You are more than your body, you are a spirit who is available to blossom to the ultimate flowering spreading the fragrance to others. Everyone is looking for more love, it’s time to start moving into it more and more.   A superconscious world of love begins by rising it inside you! Lovitation!

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