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Walk On …
February 23, 2013
Put a positive spin on what you hear sometimes, move into silence, and ‘walk on’! Most people are decent at idle chatter that has no particular meaning besides ‘what’s goin’ on’ with the weather, or in their social lives. Respect their choice. Be careful beyond that, or people get freaky and judgmental. People wear all kinds of mindsets, usually some for what was passed down to them that restricts conversation going beyond their limits of desirability, comprehension and  positive response. The mind can be like a closet. Sometimes it needs a little airing out, and who knows what’s in some closets!?

‘Biting your tongue’ will save a lot of unnecessary verbal melodrama, and broken connections sometimes. Searching for the limits of each ones interest, or tolerance is a way to develop a greater meditative expertise in the ‘art of harmony’. I particularly learned in sales in NYC to tune into each persons needs, for that’s what selling is all about, to satisfy another persons needs. Sometimes, of course, a need that they don’t perceive until using the art of opening their consciousness to possibilities of advantages and benefits of something they don’t realize.

Everyone will survive without you, so don’t be surprised if whatever said to them crosses their line of survival without hearing what you have to say. Becoming closer to someone gives a clearer view of what not to say, or how to say it. Conversely, that can be disingenuous. A couple that’s been married, or together for a while, learns each others barriers of what to say and convey, or not. Unfortunately many, particularly men, become so skillful with their partner, that they begin to hide things that in silence, speaks worse than if they were to be transparent. In quality ‘transparent relationships’, individual minds act as one so that the silence of omission is never a problem.

Walking into someone’s ‘space’ engenders responsibilities to leave it as you found it, or better, as well as the highest profile of sensitivity for that persons mindset. The seeds you plant today will determine the fruits of tomorrow. Carelessness is to ‘care less’ about another persons life, and not seeing the boomerang or karma effect that’s coming often in hidden ways that bad behavior, or habits will bubble up at other times. Leave everyone as you would want to be left giving the highest representative of your spiritual side possible. Walk in, and walk out tall!

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