Auto Gluttony & Greed

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Auto Gluttony & Greed
February 22, 2013
Funding your own destruction, and humanities is the fashion of the greedy and gluttonous of the more economically secure countries. The average American spends $300-600 per month for each car they own and frequently use. That expenditure is enough to feed many, many families for weeks throughout the world who live in bare subsistence! Seems one of the biggest unconscious entertainments in America is to needlessly drive a vehicle every moment there’s a desire to go somewhere. Seemingly few people care about more than themselves while mindlessly supporting the middle East, their misogynistic ways, and general closed mindedness in valuing freedoms of their populace, all for the oil and the pleasure of having no accountability.

I live now, after NYC and LA, in a small town where I can see that cars are everywhere!
The public buses are usually 90% empty, and would be mostly filled if people took the time to examine that they are part of the problem on all levels of society including for themselves. Buses in this town are .40-80¢/ day with use for as much as 100 miles or more. In some communities, nearby they are free. In my early morning walk, I see a dozen cars driven to a local school for work. None of those dozen is more than a few blocks away. The ‘excuses’ are infinite!

I have just heard that the 7th richest man in the world rides a bus all the time! Ingvar Feodor Kamprad is an 86 year old Swedish business magnate. He is the founder of IKEA, a retail  furniture manufacturer and distributor company. Billionaire New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been known to be a frequent subway rider like most everyone else in NY. Ironically, and earlier today, I rode the bus sitting next to a retired elderly man, arguably the richest in town from his years in finance. Most of America is of the 99% who are either poor to quite comfortable, but ‘auto expenditure’ is more gluttonous and greedy by far then need be. Few are not part of the problems in the world they complain about. It’s not just about government but the ‘citizens’ who seem to think they are here for the world to serve them without ‘real’ giving back to make it a better world.

To evolve more spiritually, not only is the inner important, but the actions we take on the outside, particularly in this great time of change where it’s happening all around us in the world. Sadly, society isn’t keeping up with it’s change and growth on the inside of each person disregarding ‘actions’ they choose to take or not take that contributes to others and the overall rise in consciousness.

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