Light of Full Moon

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Light of Full Moon

February 18, 2013
We come from darkness, most spend their whole lives in the darkness of who they are, what we are doing here, and ‘in the dark’ without a purposeful passion for leaving the world a ‘gift’ for the miracle of life given us. At the end most know less about love, life, who they really are, and the ‘positive road to each’ than when they entered adulthood. Life for most in this time of infinite opportunities is wasted on other’s answers, and not really our own by themselves. Real answers come from you of a clear mind and heart, and not from any hidden agenda as in a dark moon.

The light of a ‘full moon’ is like no other moon experience. In nature, on a clear night, all life can see, and some, as the wolf, howl at the moon. A full moon seems to create strange behaviors in those that are not of clear mind and heart. The full moon is transparent representing truth and openness. ‘No moon’, or a portion of the moon, as the quarter moon, represents ‘hidden in the darkness’. Why has no religion have as it’s symbol, a full moon to represent truth and love.

The moon symbolizes different things to individuals as well as cultures. The sacredness of the moon engenders adoration and veneration as well as being connected with the basic rhythms of life and the universe. The moon is seen in terms of influencing the rhythms of life like the tides. Without the presence of the moon, and the harmonious positioning of it to the Earth, all life as we know it, would cease to exist. The dark side of the moon, which we never see, symbolizes the unknown or mysterious. We see only one half of the truth of the moon even though it orbits around the earth while still spinning in a slow rotation exactly synchronistic to it’s orbital time. It’s called ‘tidal locking’.

The effects of the full moon on the human psyche are phenomenal. On full moon night more people go mad than any other night, in fact suicides and murders are almost double. Sensitive people like poets, artists, sculptors, musicians, dancers, romanticists, and the more conscious feel something different, and mysterious tugging at them that appears to lighten their way and being. Those who become enlightened, have almost always become so during a full moon night.

To those letting go to an open mind and heart, the fullness of the light of the moon creates and symbolizes wonderment, excitement, joy, romance, as well as a change in the mood of the night. Shower and illuminate your soul with both the light of the moon, sunshine and smiles, then your heart will blossom with love for miles and miles.

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