Jesus ‘Lived’ Proof

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Jesus ‘Lived’ Proof
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February 19, 2013
We at the Yesss Center have an affiliated research department dedicated to revealing facts vs fiction of all major religions. With half a dozen books at least equal to the most credible, objective sources available in the search for truth, there are always contrary viewpoints based on ‘faith or belief’ of who said, or wrote the contents of ‘holy books’ such as the Bible or Quran.

There is a viewpoint out there that says all the beliefs of Christianity and Islam must be true, or why would they have more books out than any other, or have millions of well educated preachers to ‘spread the good news’ to billions of people? Billions of people who believe Jesus lived should be enough proof that he did!  Both religions have some of the same source of the Jewish Old Testament. Both recognize Jesus as having lived. Christians claim he’s the only begotten son of God. Islam says he was a major prophet. Christians have one provable source who wrote about Jesus. His name was Flavius Josephus who never met Jesus but wrote about him decades later. Islam accepts much of the old and new testaments with some modifications inspired by God, and Muhammed centuries later.

It really isn’t important (?) that credible, objective research has not yet proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that certain key figures of religion are based on the belief of the faithful. Nearly half of the planet believes there was a biblical Joseph, Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, Abraham, Moses, Noah’s Ark, Peter, Paul, Matthew, Luke, John, or certainly Jesus. Every day people say that Jesus heals them! I even have a friend in Alabama who says that Jesus has appeared before her clearly, and spoke to her one night in her bedroom. Would a real Christian not believe her? Need there be more evidence than this strong belief by billions? There are several million professionally, trained ‘preachers’ to tend their flocks of billions in churches, mosques, temples, etc.

Personally, any doubts I had were exorcised by a strange phenomenon that happened to me. I rarely mention it for fear that some ‘unbelievers’ will think me a clown. Several years ago, I ordered a ‘vegetarian pizza’, and was shocked when I opened the box! I couldn’t eat it for I swear there was a face of Jesus!! I still save that box with the imprint of the face of Jesus on the inside of the box.

A few weeks ago, on a sunny day at my ‘free speech display’, I had a wonderful conversation with a new young minister who seemed a bit perplexed by the information I displayed on religion, particularly Christianity. We did agree though on the fact that most Christians apart from Catholics, don’t regard Catholics as Christian.

He did look strangely at me when asking if I’d met the Son of God. He looked surprised when I opened my eyes wide, and said, yes, he has ‘risen’ over your shoulder. He of course thought I was being a wiseacre, and took a bit of coaxing to look in back of him saying he saw nothing. At that point, I directed him to look higher at the bright light coming from the skies heavens that gives life to all, saying  …. that’s the ‘Sun of God’! It’s not a belief, when you know! Beliefs have merit, but what we know needs no belief! Maybe it’s time to read the ‘credible, objective facts’! Luckily, no God would leave anyone out of the ‘gift of love’s blessing’s’!

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